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exida Certifies Elektrobit AUTOSAR ECUs to ISO 26262 Standard for Functional Safety

  March 09, 2017

Elektrobit (EB) has been granted the highest Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) certification, ASIL-D, for EB tresos Safety RTE. The Runtime Environment (RTE) plays an essential role in the AUTOSAR software architecture by providing the main interface and ensuring the safe communication between application software components. With the recognition of EB tresos Safety RTE, exida has now confirmed that all EB tresos Safety products ensure safe and efficient communication between ECU software applications, according to the ISO 26262 automotive standard.

EB tresos Safety RTE is the first AUTOSAR runtime environment to receive an endorsement from exida. exida has now independently confirmed that all EB tresos Safety products (OS, TimE protection, E2E protection, RTE) operate at the highest integrity level, ASIL-D. With this distinction, Elektrobit now offers a completely certified functional safety solution for AUTOSAR ECUs.

With the move towards highly automated driving, vehicle ECUs become more complex. To ensure their vehicles meet the highest safety standards, automakers and suppliers entrust rigorously tested and certified products, like the EB tresos product family.

“OEMs and Tier1 suppliers rely on exida assessments and certifications to choose the most reliable automotive products for their specific needs,” explains Rainer Faller, Principal Partner at exida. “After assessing the current set of components of the EB tresos Safety product family in close collaboration with EB, we can confirm that the safety aspects of software architecture, design, processes and documentation comply with the high safety and design requirement objectives of ISO 26262 ASIL-D.”