TS2 & TS3 Details
Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Series BTDetails
551 & 553Details
Redundant Control SystemDetails
Series 364 Solenoid ValvesDetails
Series 330 1⁄2” & 1” Booster ValvesDetails
381 3-Way NCDetails
Turbine Control Solenoid Valves Series 114-419 and 114-420Details
EF8317A, EF8320A & EF8321A Harsh Environment ValvesDetails
Manual Reset Solenoid ValvesDetails
8317 Quick ExhaustDetails
Series 362 3-Way & 562 Details
AL, SS, XA, XS, ZA, ZR and ZSDetails
NVN Fluoropolymer Lined Ball ValvesDetails
Plug Valves type Standard / ISO Standard / Extra / ISO-Extra / Standard A / Standard AB 2000Details
F-2-ISO-STD/CA/CASN/FS/FSN and RH Control ValveDetails
Smart ESD Device 700 SeriesDetails
A, B, C, S and HPDetails
FP Series Interface ValvesDetails
Series VBP-08 Volume Boosters and HIPEX-08 ValvesDetails
Series VBP-16 Volume Boosters and HIPEX-16 ValvesDetails
Series VBP-24, VBP-32, HIPEX-24 and HIPEX-32 ValvesDetails
Series PPV-24 and PPV-32Details
FP02G and FP05GDetails
BXS Pilot & Mechanical ValveDetails
SPR Series Spool ValvesDetails
SPR Series Spool ValvesDetails
Quick Exhaust ValvesDetails
FP50(B) and FP200(B) Directional Control ValvesDetails
PSV5A / PSV5E Flowline Pilot ValvesDetails
ETSV15 Eutectic Plug ValveDetails
FP Series Solenoid ValvesDetails
Series VBP- 04, 06, 08, 12 & 16 Volume Boosters and HIPEX-08 & 16 ValvesDetails
Series 3B25* and 3B37* Directional Control ValvesDetails
ST Solenoid Valve SeriesDetails
Series 3BC25* and 3BC37*Details
Series 3BHF50M*Details
Series 92/93 Rack & Pinion ActuatorsDetails
Series S2x/S3x/S3xHDetails
Series 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45 & 4ADetails
Tri LokDetails
Series 98Details
Flow-Tek Series 7/8000, Triad, S85, F15/F30 & RF15/RF30 Ball ValvesDetails
TK Trunnion Mounted Ball ValvesDetails
TBV 1100, 1800, 2000 and 2800 Series Ball ValvesDetails
Floating Ball ValvesDetails
Trunnion Mounted Ball ValveDetails
Series A, AT, and AS Pneumatic ActuatorsDetails
Series ML / Series MSDetails
Series A2A BoosterDetails
Double Offset Butterfly ValvesDetails
Triple Offset Butterfly ValvesDetails
Trunnion Mounted Ball ValvesDetails
Floating Ball ValvesDetails
Globe ValvesDetails
V-Ball ValvesDetails
Double Block & Bleed Knife Gate ValveDetails
KSV Severe Service Knife Gate ValveDetails
KGC Cast Stainless Steel Knife Gate valveDetails
KUL Urethane Lined Knife Gate ValveDetails
Two-Piece, Three-Piece, and Top Entry Series Details
One-Piece and Two-Piece SeriesDetails
Series BD and BEDetails
2 & 3-Way Trunnion Ball ValvesDetails
2-Way Floating Ball ValvesDetails
3-Way Floating Ball ValvesDetails
GTxx modelDetails
10000 Series Double Ported ValvesDetails
21000 Series Control ValvesDetails
28000 VariPak Control ValvesDetails
35002 Series Camflex II Control ValvesDetails
36005 V-Max Ball ValvesDetails
41005 Series Control ValvesDetails
49000 Series Control ValvesDetails
80000 Series Control ValvesDetails
18400/78400 LincolnLog Control ValvesDetails
37/38 Series Spring Diaphragm ActuatorDetails
51/52/53 Piston ActuatorDetails
87/88 Series Spring Diaphragm ActuatorDetails
Pneumatic Trip SystemDetails
CB/CBA/CBB/CBA300 Series Scotch Yoke ActuatorsDetails
G Series Scotch Yoke ActuatorsDetails
657 & 667Details
V150, V200, V300Details
EZ SeriesDetails
E* & H* SeriesDetails
GX SeriesDetails
A31A and 8532Details
Model 2625 and 2625SST Volume BoosterDetails
DVC6200 SIS Digital Valve Controller Details
DVC6200 SIS Position Monitor Details
V500 & CV500Details
SS-263 Volume BoosterDetails
Type OSEDetails
BM5/BM5A SeriesDetails
TEC2000 with TEC2 Electronics (SIL Option)Details
A81 and A41 ValvesDetails
8580, 8590 & Control-Disk ValvesDetails
BM6X Series Slam Shut ValveDetails
Bettis GVO-C Series GVO-CLP-DA, GVO-CLP-T, GVO-CLP-SR Pneumatic ActuatorsDetails
Bettis GVO-C Series GVO-CHP-DA, GVO-CHP-SR Hydraulic ActuatorsDetails
Ball Valve SeriesDetails
Topworx D-ESD 3rd Party SolenoidDetails
E0 Series Details
E0, EB & JB Series Details
AGN & AK SeriesDetails
AW(N) & CW Series Details
VBL Volume BoosterDetails
Series 7/8000Details
Mark OneDetails
Mark SixDetails
Mark One 3-WayDetails
Spring Cylinder Linear ActuatorDetails
Logix 3200MDDetails
Durco Two-Way Plug ValveDetails
Durco Three-Way Plug ValveDetails
Durco BX2001 High Performance Butterfly ValveDetails
Durco BTV-2000 Butterfly ValveDetails
Worcester Series 45 & 59 Ball ValvesDetails
Worcester Series 51/52 Ball ValvesDetails
Worcester Series C4/C44/C51 Ball ValvesDetails
McCanna Ball ValvesDetails
Worcester Series 608 Ball ValvesDetails
Worcester Series H71 Ball ValvesDetails
Worcester Series 94 Ball ValvesDetails
Spring Cylinder Rotary ActuatorDetails
Argus FK79, FK75M, FK76M and HK35Details
AUTOMAX RG Series ActuatorDetails
Worcester 44 Series Details
Worcester 51/52, 53/54 1 piece and 519/529 Series Details
Worcester 911 Series Details
Automax Pneumatic Rack & Pinion ActuatorsDetails
Logix 420Details
Noble Alloy Ball ValvesDetails
Flowserve - Series WK 44, WK 70, WK 74, and FWK 74 Clean ValvesDetails
McCanna Cartridge Ball ValvesDetails
Logix 520MD+ Digital ControllerDetails
Valtek Valdisk TX3 (Durco TX3)Details
FlowAct Diaphragm ActuatorDetails
Trunnball DLDetails
Torex DN80, PN10-40Details
Duball DLDetails
ShearStream SBDetails
FMC Technologies 120, 130, 150, 120 Plus, 130 Plus or 150 Plus Adapted for Actuator Gate ValveDetails
HP-HY Series 80, 120, 155, 175, & 225Details
HP-PN Series 29, 38, and 52Details
Series 120 Plus, 130 Plus and 150 Plus Adapted for Actuator Gate ValvesDetails
HYT Series 80, 120 and 175Details
E3 Actuated Gate ValveDetails
Shallow E3 Actuated Gate ValveDetails
M3000 1inDetails
5 1/8”-10K M2500 Double Acting Actuator with a 5 1/8”-10K M130Details
Masoneilan SIS ON OFF Valve Model 51-41005Details
VG-300 Gate Valve Arranged for ActuatorDetails
CH Series Hydraulic ActuatorsDetails
CHA Series Hydraulic ActuatorsDetails
RA Series Hydraulic ActuatorsDetails
MACH Series Hydraulic ActuatorsDetails
Model 2200 Actuated Gate ValveDetails
Surface Safety Valve Control FunctionDetails
VG-300 Valve and ActuatorDetails
Masoneilan SVI II ESD Smart Valve InterfaceDetails
Series MS Metal Seated Butterfly ValveDetails
BL Series 1F, 2F, 3F, 2FC, 3FC, 2FN, and 3FC-ICDetails
BL Series 2T, 3T, TE, and FWDetails
Series BL RS Rising Stem Ball ValvesDetails
Series BT C, BT DO, and BT TODetails
RMG 711 DN 25 – 150Details
RMG 711 DN 200 – 300Details
RMG 711 S2 DN 25 – 150Details
HSV086 & HSVS086Details
Dump Valve SystemDetails
Pilot Operated Control Valve (POCV)Details
Yield ValveDetails
3-Port Explosion Proof Solenoid ValveDetails
Shear-Safe Hydraulic ActuatorsDetails
GTD, MTD, FSDDetails
KE and OXYRIADetails
Trunnion Mounted Ball ValvesDetails
Floating Ball ValvesDetails
Floating Ball ValvesDetails
Trunnion Mounted Ball ValvesDetails
Ball ValvesDetails
Butterfly ValvesDetails
Series RPR Details
Series RPS and RPMDetails
Trunnion Mounted Ball ValvesDetails
Series 810, 810F, 820, 830, 850 & 950Details
Series 920Details
Series 99, 91D, 90D, 90, 96D, 88, 83, 77 & 22Details
Series 33Details
Series 39 & 39MDetails
Series 30MDetails
Series 8000Details
Series MA11, MA12, MA21, and MA22Details
Series 84, 85, 87, 89, 90, and 91Details
T84, T85, T87, T89, T90, T91Details
Series H and Series MH CylindersDetails
C-Series Floating Ball ValveDetails
T-Series Trunnion Ball ValveDetails
RZD-X SeriesDetails
Series A, B, C, S, and HPDetails
Shear Seal Actuator (SSR)Details
PB Series Ball ValvesDetails
7000 SeriesDetails
7300 SeriesDetails
AN Series Floating Ball ValvesDetails
TN Series Trunnion Ball ValvesDetails
IM Series Double Block and Bleed ValvesDetails
IB Series Ball ValveDetails
Sanitary Ball Valve (Series 6, 8, and 9)Details
Full Trunnion Ball ValveDetails
Floating Ball ValveDetails
E*3 seriesDetails
Linear ActuatorDetails
Rotary ActuatorDetails
Globe Control ValvesDetails
QB Bladder AccumulatorDetails
REXA XpacDetails
Ball ValvesDetails
DRS SeriesDetails
Type 32DDetails
Type 32PDetails
Type 52SDetails
SPC, C, CC SeriesDetails
Type 32RDetails
Trunnion Mounted Ball ValvesDetails
Jacketed Floating Ball ValvesDetails
Floating Ball ValvesDetails
RBS & RBC Triple Offset Butterfly ValvesDetails
Floating Ball ValvesDetails
Trunnion Mounted Ball ValvesDetails
Metal Seated Piston ValveDetails
Series N & HNDetails
Series DF, DP, DL & DS Details
Series C, CA, CH, CP & CPADetails
Series BN, HB & U Details
Series 83 & H83 Details
Series AFS & SKDetails
40 Series Ball ValvesDetails
60 Series Ball ValvesDetails
J-A SeriesDetails
Torqseal Triple-Offset Butterfly ValveDetails
Resilient Seated Ball ValvesDetails
Metal Seated Ball ValvesDetails
Coker Ball ValvesDetails
Cast Steel Gate ValvesDetails
Pressure Seal Gate ValvesDetails
C SeriesDetails
QE, E5QE, E4QE ,EQEDetails
B316 Series Details
C316 Series Details
V316 Series Details
E Series 2 Position ValvesDetails
Series 21Details
Series 20/22Details
N SeriesDetails
S SeriesDetails
Series P Details
Series MDetails
Series WDetails
Trunnion Mounted Ball ValvesDetails
Floating Ball ValvesDetails
Atwood & Morrill FREE FLOWDetails
AccuTrak Position Monitor Series: 360, 366, 1040, 2007, 9044, 9358, 9468 and 9479Details
Falcon 3/2-Way and 5/2-Way Solenoid Valve SeriesDetails
AccuTrak Position Monitor Series 2200, 2600, 3000, 3200, 3300, 3400, 3500, 8300, 8400 and 8500Details
Falcon V Solenoid Valve SeriesDetails
Quantum Control Monitor Series 3600, 3700, 3800, 8600, 8700 and 8800Details
Digital EPIC2 Control TransmitterDetails
AVID Position Monitor Series AL, SS, XA, XS, ZA, ZR and ZSDetails
Large Electric Sonic ValveDetails
DVP5000 / DVP10000Details
GSOV25 – Gas Shutoff ValveDetails
SonicFlo Gas Fuel Control ValveDetails
Quick Shut Off ValveDetails