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Advanced Industrial Networking

Course Code: CS 221

Course Description:

Ethernet has become the predominant technology as the fieldbus for modern process and control networks. While this technology brings many advantages, it also brings with it many disadvantages. Among them is that Ethernet is a mostly unfamiliar technology for many Process and Control technicians and engineers. This 2-day course expands on the Introduction to Industrial Networking course and the knowledge to dive much deeper into Ethernet Technology. We will cover advanced topics such as VPN, NAT, Redundancy, etc. We will also discuss many more protocols, how they operate, and how they may affect a process and control network. Exercises are included to reinforce knowledge.

Skills You Will Learn:

  • How network devices work and where they are used
  • How are network devices addressed
  • What is subnetting, and how is it done
  • Advanced Ethernet concepts including VLAN, NAT, VPN, redundancy, etc.
  • IPv4 and IPv6 addressing
  • Common and Industrial networking protocols.

Who Should Attend:

  • Controls Systems technicians who have responsibility for network operations, or who want to increase their knowledge base
  • Controls Engineers who have responsibility for network operations
  • Control Systems operators who want to advance their skill sets

Course Length: 2 days This course is not currently scheduled, however you may pre-register below for a future course. exida will contact you to jointly schedule the course with other pre-registrants once enough interest has been generated.

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