Dave Gunter

Director of Cybersecurity Services


Dave Gunter is the Director of Cybersecurity Services at exida, LLC, with responsibility for the cybersecurity solutions end user’s business within exida. In this role Mr. Gunter leads the market facing solutions and solutions development for ICS cybersecurity. Mr. Gunter has responsibility for understanding the technology analytics, market and end users’ engineering and operations requirements for the cybersecurity space. This includes industry standards participation and development, detailed understanding of threat, risk and vulnerability analysis while applying a pragmatic set of solutions and technology for the end users community.
Mr. Gunter has over 25 years of professional experience in the process automation industry. He previously worked for Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. as Global Manager of Process Automation Development and Support. In this role, he worked with engineering and operations automation teams and was responsible for the Global Technology Team for Process Automation which included PAS (Process Automation Systems), Control Hardware (Valves and Instruments), and Analytical Systems. He played a key role in the Cybersecurity efforts cyber in the SIS, as well as contributing to various Cybersecurity industry standards. Mr. Gunter also participated in various ICS manufactures advisors boards. He also served as the North American Generated Gases Controls Manager for Air Products in which he was responsible for leading the Generated Gas team into all their project execution activities.
Dave has also served in leadership roles for several process automation and instrumentation corporations including Leeds & Northrup, and Cemtech (Yokogawa Sales Representative) enabling him to foster a customer-centric approach with a focus on customer value and pragmatic approach to business solutions.