“exida has clearly become the certification market leader. Their analysis documents the device’s exceptional safety integrity. Combining a high safe failure fraction (> 96%) with broad diagnostic coverage and the ability to detect process / installation issues such as plugged impulse lines increases proof test intervals and reduces total cost of ownership.”
Bill Zhou, Rosemount Product Marketing
“exida has the technical capability needed to certify mechanical devices. The exida analysts have a strong understanding of the mechanical design process. This certification will give our customers additional confidence in our design processes and products.”
Marcos Ricardo Pretto, Valmicro Manager, Lupatech S.A.

"exida uses the FMEDA technique to obtain failure data rather than the cycle test method that is not realistic for process safety applications. The exida certification provides our customers with the data needed for Safety Instrumented System (SIS) design, along with additional confidence in our design processes and products.”
Guy Elliot, Production Manager, Bifold
“We’re proud to be the first to achieve EDSA certification. Cybersecurity is one of our strategic cornerstones and it’s an integral part of our product development process. ISASecure™ EDSA certification gives our customers – and their procurement teams – that extra reassurance that Safety Manager can deliver on its promises.”
Erik de Groot, marketing manager, Safety Management Systems, Honeywell Process Solutions

“exida has a globally recognized accredited program that leverages their expertise in cybersecurity and functional safety. This certification demonstrates RTP’s commitment to cyber-security defense and gives our customers confidence in our products.”
Sal Provanzano, RTP Corp. president
“exida has a globally recognized IEC 61508 certification program. The exida certificate gives our customers strong confidence that our products are applicable to safety critical applications”.
Bob Botwinski, Eclipse® product manager, Magnetrol®

”We selected exida because of its expertise in functional safety certification. exida’s certification process has helped us focus our processes and product design on the real requirements of functional safety in accordance with IEC 61508.”
Gil Perez, vice president of engineering at Velan
“exida certification is the best choice for global functional safety certification. They trained our experts to perform FMEDA analyses and helped us to migrate to version 2 of 61508. Their understanding of the safety lifecycle has been invaluable.”
Tina Lockhart, director of engineering at Moore Industries

"Obtaining the SIL 3 capable rating from exida validates our commitment to providing high quality, safe and reliable valve solutions to critical process applications.”
Jay Giffen, PBM Valves, Inside sales and marketing manager
“exida demands a high level of quality and care in both processes and documentation. We selected them due to their technical expertise in functional safety.”
Dave Denison, Emerson Project Manager

“exida is the only Certification Body that covers both functional safety and cybersecurity. The exida certification will give our customers additional confidence in our products.”
Keith Bellville, Emerson Product Marketing Manager
“We chose exida because they have in depth knowledge of IEC 61508 that goes beyond the others we were considering. exida showed us a path through this complex standard.”
Bob Masi, Detcon President

"exida provided a great cyber security overview to confirm our current procedures, while offering recommendations to make enhancements to keep current with industry standards."
William Bunk, GSK
"exida has the experience and reputation to provide a trusted certification which our customers depend upon for their critical applications."
Mark Gaalswyk, Det-Tronics Senior Compliance Engineer

"While we have always been confident in the integrity of our highly engineered products, SIL 3 capability allows us to provide additional safety verification to customers, especially those with high vibration, rugged, harsh environment applications."
Munish Nanda - ITT
"Certification of NOV Texas Oil Tools’ Shear Ram and the assessment of the design process to the IEC 61508 standard raises the bar in safety critical components and gives their clients a clear indication of conformance. We found great benefit in applying functional safety to subsea products. exida has strong expertise in mechanical products and showed us how to apply functional safety."
NOV Texas Oil Tools

"We were confident in choosing exida as our certification body for their technical expertise in functional safety certification. They have a rigorous process that gives our customers a solid confidence that our products are applicable to safety critical applications."
Dajana Prastalo, Manager Product Approvals at Rosemount Tank Radar
"exida’s technical expertise and understanding of our processes resulted in an outstanding LESV testing regimen."
Terry Mize, Woodward system engineer

"The level of professionalism exhibited by exida is outstanding. Their ability to interpret IEC 61508 in terms of our project development process is invaluable."
Eric Swanson - Honeywell
“exida’s in-depth technical expertise guided us through this complex standard. Completing their rigorous program and earning this certification provides additional product confidence to our customers.”
Wade Burdick - Woodward

"exida is truly the industry leader in SIL certification and pay special attention to details and give clear guidance during the certification process."
Noshir F. Kharas - Emerson Process Management Valve Automation, Inc.
"exida, as always, was wonderful to work with and very attentive to our project."
Joel Pearce - Emerson Product Compliance Supervisor

"exida provided an invaluable service to the Profire product development team in regards to training and upgrading existing processes. Interactions with the exida team were meaningful, educational, and productive."
Curtis Dublanko - Profire Energy Design Engineer
I would like to thank exida for the great online course. I really enjoyed it. I just finished the course and passed the FSP process exam!
Shervin Kermanshachi, Canadian Natural Resource Company

I’d like to say many thanks to you for teaching an outstanding course. I hope to someday gain half the knowledge you have in functional safety. This was one of the best classes I’ve ever had. I’d like to let you know that I passed the CFSP exam!
Robert C. Perry III, GB Biosciences / Syngenta Corporation
exida training gave us a great introduction to Alarm Management and the IEC62682 Standard. The instructor Todd Stauffer is highly competent within the area of Alarm Management and has great communication skills.
Arvid Halrynjo, ELDOR AS