The ISORIA 10/16 elastomer-lined butterfly valve utilizes a fully elastomer lined body, centered shaft design, in the 1 1/2 to 40 inch size range. ISORIA 10/16 Valves are designed for the multitude of moderately corrosive applications throughout the industry. The ISORIA 10/16 valve uses a spherically machined disc and a one-piece body that is totally isolated from the flowing media by means of the inner elastomer lining. A strong shaft-disc connection is provided by an exclusive splined shaft arrangement for precise positioning and reliable operation

The MAMMOUTH series butterfly valves utilize a fully elastomer lined body, centered shaft design with either a metal or hard rubber coated disc. The MAMMOUTH is typically used in seawater, fresh water, river water intake and limestone slurry, among other applications. Typical installations include condenser inlet and outlet isolation valves, FGD (Flue Gas De-sulfurization) absorption tower pump isolation, river water intake and tank isolation. The MAMMOUTH valve is manufactured from 42 to 140 inches.

IEC 61508     SIL 3

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Last Updated: Tue, October 24, 2017