Rosemount Measurement Ltd Mobrey Horizontal Float Switch
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Mobrey Horizontal Float Switch

Mobrey magnetic level switches are a proven design and ideal for general purpose, high and low liquid level alarm, and pump control duties. The tough, rugged design enables long life in aggressive environments and can operate in almost any liquid at high pressures and temperatures.

As the liquid level increases and passes the level of the float, the float pivots upwards and switches the output. Similarly, as the level of the liquid decreases and falls below the level of the float, the float pivots downwards and again switches the output. The magnetically-coupled, snap-action switching with no springs means reduced maintenance, and there are no glands or linkages which could cause leaks.

Available in a wide range of materials of construction, process connections, floats, and switch outputs to suit all types of liquid level application and meet site standards. A tamperproof and hermetically sealed switch mechanism is available for use in low temperature environments, corrosive atmospheres, and critical duties.

Externally evaluated and certified in accordance with IEC61508 to attain Safety Integrity Level 1 (SIL 1) for a single device, many Mobrey float level switches can be used in a Safety Instrumented System (SIS). Click here to go to the Mobrey Safety page and to view SIL certified options.

IEC 61508     SIL 2

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Last Updated: Tue, February 21, 2017