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AL, SS, XA, XS, ZA, ZR and ZS

Avid Position Monitors are designed to monitor and control automated quarter-turn Valves. Avid Position Monitors/Limit Switches are designed to work seamlessly with products from Pentair Valves and Controls, for a truly integrated valve control solution. Position Monitors/Limit Switches from Avid include a variety of innovative features. The HiVue visual display is a corrosion and impact resistant visual position indicator visible at distances up to 150 feet in any direction. The EasiFix system offers easy, tool-free cam adjustment in the field. Multiple product lines exist in order to provide the perfect unit for your specific application, including the - K-Switch, AL, ZR/ZR PLUS, and K-Block models.

The Avid K-Switch Position Monitor/Limit Switch is a compact, easy-to-read, visual position indicator. A high-strength enclosure protects the internal mechanical/proximity switches that are prewired to the terminal strip for easy installation in the field. Robust triple protection stem seals protect the unit from invasive debris. Avid K-switches also feature dual ¾” NPT conduit entries and Avid’s innovative EasiFix technology. All K-Switch products are designed for direct mounting to the actuator via the ModMount assembly as well as NAMUR drive shafts for bracket mounting.

IEC 61508     SIL 2

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