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FSE 212 - IEC 61508 - An Introduction to Functional Safety for Software Developers

Dec 1 - Dec 3, 2020 - Online - Live Streaming

STATUS: Registration Open (Subject to Cancellation)

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Venue Details

This course will be delivered Online from our New Live Streaming Room at exida Headquarters in Sellersville, Pennsylvania.  Attendees will be able to see and interact with the instructor in real time.    

Please read our Cancellation and Reschedule Policy before signing up for any course.

Course Description:

The IEC 61508 standard for functional safety of electrical /electronic and programmable electronic systems, explains the concepts of safety integrity levels, the safety lifecycle, and many detail requirements needed to ensure functional safety. The standard is comprehensively explained with a focus on topics relevant to those developing software that must be compliant with this standard.

Course Topics:

  • Introduction to IEC 61508
  • Background
  • Definitions
  • Introduction to Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)
  • The IEC 61508 Safety Lifecycle
  • Lifecycle for Product Development
    • FMEDA Exercise
    • Probability of failure on demand (PFD) Exercise
  • The software safety lifecycle
  • Software Safety Requirements Specification and Traceability
  • Semi-formal methods
  • Software Safety Validation Testing
  • Software Architecture Design
  • Software Detailed Design
  • Software FMEA/HAZOP
    • Software HAZOP Exercise
  • Support tools and programming languages
  • Software coding standards
    • Code Review Exercise
  • Software module testing
    • Module testing exercise
  • Validation Testing
  • Modification Process and Impact Analysis
  • Documentation Requirements
  • Functional Safety Management
  • Software Verification

Target Audience:

  • Reliability Engineer
  • Engineering/Operations Management
  • Other:  Development Engineer, Software Engineer            

Things You Will Learn

  • Gain an understanding of scope and applicability of IEC 61508
  • Understand how end users will apply the standard
  • Gain an understanding of the overall product development process requirements
  • Gain a detailed understanding of the software development process requirements
  • Gain a detailed understanding of software diagnostics required by the standard
  • Be able to adapt an existing software development process to meet the requirements of IEC 61508
  • Be able to develop IEC 61508 compliant software
  • Understand the value of product certification and the steps to achieve it

Duration: 3 Days

The FSP Exam (Software Development):

The exida Functional Safety Practitioner (FSP) program is a certificate program that provides confirmation that an attendee shows competency by retaining the knowledge presented in this course. The FSP program also provides an analysis of where the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses lie, helping participants judge their competency level if interested in obtaining a certification like the CFSE or CFSP. The exam will be given at the conclusion of the training course, and is optional. Therefore if you wish not to participate, please let your instructor know. The candidate must achieve a minimum of 80% on the exam in order to receive their FSP certificate.