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Are all Failures Created Equal?

Recording Date: October 2017

Functional Safety standards distinguish between systematic and random failures. The definitions attempt to clarify how to categorize real failures. The standards also explain that random failures are included in probabilistic failure analysis and systematic failures require changes in operating procedures.

However, would we not agree that a failure is a failure? It is clear that all real failures may prevent a safety system from performing its safety protection but what isn’t clear is that some organizations do not count all real failures in their analysis simply because they are classified differently (Random vs Systematic).

This webinar will discuss the implications in categorizing failures differently, and the effects on those decisions impacting failure rates.

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About the Presenter:

Ted Stewart, CFSP

Ted Stewart Ted Stewart graduated from the University of Central Florida. While achieving his Industrial Engineering degree he worked for Lockheed Martin analyzing and enhancing their Earn Value tracking PM tools. He also was assigned to streamline existing processes and saved the company over 300k in annual labor costs. Accomplishing these tasks made him a certified Green Belt in Six Sigma. He then accepted an offer from Harris Corporation in Melbourne, FL. During his 4 ½ year tenure with the company he helped transition and lead the program management efforts successfully for over 20+ classified products which ranged from products in the development phase and onto the production phase. Ted is now a project manager and quality deputy for exida in the Sellersville, PA location. He will be focusing his efforts communicating with key clients who are looking for product certification and managing the personnel certification sectors.