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Introducing the Back to Basics Functional Safety Series

Recording Date: June 2019

This year we have created a new series of webinars and blogs; Back To Basics. In the Back to Basics series, we discuss everything from functional safety general terms and descriptions all the way to topics like advanced component analysis.

Looking back at the start of my career with exida, when I took on this new functional safety role, I remember trying to keep track of all the new terms, definitions and acronyms. This was overwhelming and at times even defeating. After years of experience, I started helping exida academy and became an instructor for the week long FSE 100 class. This is when I saw a true need in our industry. I quickly found that many people were in the same boat I was in when I first started! (Regardless of their years of experience)

This realization was the start of Back to Basics and I hope it becomes your “Go To” for functional safety knowledge. This series will start with an overview of general functional safety terms and then expand into both IEC 61508/OEM specific and IEC 61511/End User specific through terms, definitions, examples, pictures, etc., all explained in ways everyone can understand!

To get the Back to Basics series started let’s start at the very beginning with introducing:

  • What is functional safety?
  • What are the safety standards? – IEC 61508 and 61511
  • What does SIL, SIF, SIS all mean?!
  • What is a safety function?

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About the Presenter:

Loren Stewart, CFSE

Loren Stewart Loren Stewart graduated from Virginia Tech with a BSME. She has over 10 years of professional experience. She currently works for exida consulting as a safety engineer, focusing on the mechanical aspects of their customers. Along with assessing the safety of products and creating FMEDAs and reports, she researches stiction and is creating a database for the 2H initiative according to IEC 61508.