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Introduction to Robot Functional Safety (IEC 61508)

Recording Date: January 2018

As robots proliferate our lives at work, home, shopping, driving, etc. it is imperative for robots to be safe. In the past robots have been isolated from human contact in industrial environments with physical guarding and locked access. That is all changing at a rapid pace. Robots that collaborate with people are being developed and deployed at an increasing pace. The combination of humans collaborating with robots adds a new variable to the safety equation. Robots must be held to a higher standard of safety given this intended interaction with humans.

This webinar will present an introduction on applying functional safety to robots. The core principles in the IEC 61508 standard that are the foundation for functional safety will be introduced along with exida’s guidance on the applying functional safety to robotics.

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About the Presenter:

Anthony Romano

Anthony Romano Anthony C. Romano has over 30 years of experience in product development in military applications, medical devices, telecommunications, bar coding, machine design, robotics and vision. He has experience in software and hardware development, project management, process improvement, and Kaizens. His recent responsibilities encompassed developing relationships with new and existing customers, strategic planning and business development. He is responsible for product assessments and certifications for functional safety standards including IEC 61508, ISO 26262, ANSI/RIA 15.06. As part of this work, he also performs gap analysis, software criticality analysis, and proven-in-use analysis. Anthony holds an MS in Computer Engineering from Penn State University and a BS in Computer Science from Spring Garden College.