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Remote Actuated Valve Design – Adding Partial Valve Stroke Testing

Recording Date: September 2020

Automatic diagnostics that detect potentially dangerous failures in automation equipment is not only well accepted but required in electronic devices. The same concept should apply to remote actuated valve assemblies as well. But some reject the concept of Partial Valve Stroke Testing (PVST) primarily because they perceive a false trip risk. Why is this? PVST can significantly improve safety and reduce operational expense. But operational cost is not reduced with an increased false trip rate. Does this happen with PVST? Some designs may increase the false trip rate but others will significantly reduce it. Why is that? What are the variables? This webinar describes the history of PVST and several different PVST designs. Safety and false trip rate analysis is done for each and compared. Which design is best?

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About the Presenter:

Shawn Statham

Shawn Statham Shawn Statham is currently Global Business Development Director at exida. Before joining exida, he recently led technology innovation and new product development team at Emerson, creating differentiated process safety system solutions to lead market transformation and drive sales growth. During this time, he fulfilled various critical leadership roles cultivating disruptive technologies through intentional thought leadership.