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exida Recorded Webinars

Alarm Management

Date Webinar
January 2023 Data Visualization for Alarm Rationalization
July 2022 The 5 whys in Data Science and Alarm Management
January 2022 Alarm Management: Getting the Most Out of your Siemens PCS 7 Control System
April 2021 Alarm Management: Getting the Most Out of your Yokogawa Control System
December 2020 Rationalize Your Alarm Management Problems Away
December 2020 The Keys to a Successful Remote Alarm Rationalization Workshop
October 2020 Alarm System Auditing and Enforcement – The Why and the How
April 2020 Do Bow Ties Have a Place in Alarm Management?
March 2020 The Philosophy Behind Effective Alarm Management
October 2019 HMI Design to Improve Operator Response to Alarms
September 2019 Management of Change For Alarm Rationalization
March 2019 Drowning in Alarm Floods? Learn how Automatic Alarm Flood Suppression Can Help
October 2018 Alarm Management and ISA-18.2 / IEC 62682 – How Do I Get Started?
August 2018 Alarm Shelving - Relieve the Symptoms of Nuisance Alarms and create a Peaceful Control Room
March 2018 Safety Alarms: At the Intersection of Alarm Management and Functional Safety
September 2017 Seven Steps to an Effective Alarm Management Program
May 2017 Maximizing the Reliability of Operator Response to Alarms
March 2017 Nuisance Alarms – A menace to the Operator
December 2016 Alarm Classification – Not all alarms are created equal!
October 2016 Seven Steps to a Peaceful Control Room
June 2016 Alarm Management 101: Everything You Want to Know, But Are Afraid to Ask
February 2016 Master the Basics of Alarm Management: A Review of the Best Practices in ISA-TR18.2.3-2015
June 2015 Alarm Rationalization – The Key to an Effective Alarm System
June 2015 Master the Destiny of Your Alarm System with a Master Alarm Database
March 2015 The Philosophy Behind an Effective Alarm System
February 2015 Understanding the Alarm Management Lifecycle of ISA-18.2/IEC 62682
November 2014 Financial Benefits of Creating an Effective Alarm Management Program
July 2014 5 Years and Counting: The ISA-18.2 Alarm Management Standard
May 2014 Going Green: Alarm Management for Greenfield Projects
December 2013 DeltaV Alarm Management Solutions: Following the Alarm Management Lifecycle
July 2013 How to Create an Alarm Philosophy Document
May 2013 Benchmarking Industry Practices for the Use of Alarms as Safeguards and Layers of Protection
May 2010 Making the Most of Alarms as a Layer of Protection
January 2010 ISA-18.2-  Setting a new Standard in Alarm Management


Date Webinar
September 2023 Navigating the Machinery Directive and the Role of Notified Bodies
June 2022 Personnel Certification – Preparation is KEY
October 2020 How do I get a SIL level for my PLC? (Logic Solver Certification)
June 2020 The Rise of Personnel Competency
June 2020 How Final Element Design and Selection Relates to Overall SIF Performance and Cost
May 2020 How Manufacturing Onsite Audits Continue during COVID-19
April 2020 START to FINISH – The Certification Online Exam Process Explained
March 2020 The CFSE and CACE Exams are Now Offered Online
February 2020 Psychometrics – Another Reason CFSE remains the Gold Standard
February 2020 eRAVA​: exida Remote Actuated Valve Assembly ​- Final Element Certification​
December 2019 My TOP 3 List (For Certification)
November 2019 Choosing the Best Functional Safety and Cybersecurity Certification Path
October 2019 WARNING: Personnel Certification Concerns
July 2019 How exida is Changing the Functional Safety and IACS Cybersecurity Industry
February 2019 Is IEC 61508 for Mechanical Devices?
January 2019 New Year, New (IEC 61508) Certification!
December 2018 My Motor Controller is Certified … or is it?
November 2018 Integrated Final Element Certification
September 2018 How to Effectively Use Certified Equipment in Fire and Gas Systems (Part 3: Gas Detection)
September 2018 IEC61511 and IEC62443 Personnel Competency FAQ
August 2018 My TOP 10 List (For Certification)
April 2018 Choosing the Certification That’s Right For You (2018)
March 2018 The Optimal SIL Certification Path for all Manufacturers
December 2017 The Evolving IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Certification
September 2017 How to Effectively Use Certified Equipment in Fire and Gas Systems (Part 1)
September 2017 Why the FSP Certificate Program is Important
September 2017 Evaluating Manufacturer’s Certificates and Failure Rates (2017)
August 2017 Decoding the exida Certificate (2017)
July 2017 Evaluating a Functional Safety Certificate: What It All Means
April 2017 New to SIL Certification?
January 2017 Personnel Certification: Going for GOLD in the New Year
December 2016 What is IEC 61508 and what does it mean for mechanical devices like a valve?
December 2016 Getting Good Failure Rate Data (IEC 61511:2016)
October 2016 2016 IEC61511 - How does it impact you?
July 2016 Everything you Need to Know about Personnel Certification
July 2016 Functional Safety 101: Understanding the IEC Functional Safety Standards (2016)
July 2016 Mandatory Requirements for a Credible Failure Rate Prediction Method
July 2016 Essential Steps in Designing and Implementing a Compliant Final Element
June 2016 IEC 61508: Certification of Mechanical Safety Equipment
May 2016 Field Data Collection Process Validation with Predictive Analytics
May 2016 Validation of Given Failure Rate Data for Process Industry Applications
April 2016 IEC 61508: SIL Certification Expectations
April 2016 Applications of Site Safety Index™
March 2016 Decoding the exida Certificate
March 2016 Optimal Field Failure Data Collection
February 2016 Understanding the How, Why, and What of a Safety Integrity Level (SIL)
February 2016 Understanding the Value of IEC 61508 Product Certification
January 2016 Functional Safety Assessment of Valve Assemblies
January 2016 What Architectural Constraints Does My Device Meet, and What Does it Mean?
January 2016 Personnel Certification: Which is the Right One for Me?
August 2015 Getting Ready for IEC 61508 Certification
June 2015 exida Automation Cybersecurity (ACS) Certificate Program
April 2015 Why Become a CACE or CACS?
April 2015 exida Functional Safety Practitioner (FSP) Certificate Program
March 2015 exida: A Different Certification Scheme
January 2015 CFSE/CFSP: Why and How to Become One
January 2015 Decoding the exida Certificate
September 2014 The exida FMEDA Process - Accurate Failure Data for the Process Industries
July 2014 The exida Certificate Explained
July 2014 Comparing Failure Rate Data
June 2014 An Introduction to Universal Modeling Language (UML)
June 2014 IEC 61508 Certification of Safety Equipment
February 2014 The CFSE Endorsement Program
June 2013 The CFSE Program
December 2012 Yes, I See the TYZ Certificate… But Do You Have an exida Certificate?
April 2012 CFSE / CFSP -  Overview of the CFSE Personnel Certification Program
March 2012 Mechanical Product IEC 61508 Certification
November 2011 Final Elements and the IEC 61508 Certification

Functional Safety

Date Webinar
September 2023 FMEA RPN Numbers – Help or Hurt?
August 2023 Tackling Functional Safety Management for Machinery
May 2023 Using an FMEDA Tool - FMEDAx
May 2023 FMEDA Tips and Techniques
May 2023 Validating the results of an FMEDA
May 2023 Component Data Requirements for an FMEDA
May 2023 Predicting “Proof Test Coverage” with an FMEDA
April 2023 Predicting “Useful Life” with an FMEDA
April 2023 Using a Spreadsheet to do FMEDA
April 2023 What is an FMEDA?
April 2023 exida’s Pathway to Safe Machine Learning (ML)
February 2023 Getting Credible Failure Data for SIF Design Verification
February 2023 Machine Learning Algorithms for HAZOP Records
January 2023 The Need to Measure SIS Performance
September 2022 The Importance of Functional Safety Assessments
August 2022 Using FMEDA to Predict Electronic Design Failure Rates
May 2022 Failure Rate Analysis Paralysis
April 2022 High and Continuous Demand LOPA Considerations
January 2022 Should I Use a Task- or Equipment- Based Machine Risk Assessment?
December 2021 How Site Operations and Maintenance Impact Equipment Failure Rates
November 2021 The Need to Measure SIS Performance
November 2021 OPC (Open Platform Communications) and Safe Operation
October 2021 Understanding Published Equipment Failure Rates
April 2021 Shared Components for SIS & BPCS – not a good idea
March 2021 Safety Instrumented Function Verification – Essential Engineering Duties
February 2021 Impact of Improper Maintenance Practices
December 2020 Better Safety – Adding automatic diagnostics to Embedded Systems
December 2020 SIS Application Program: the Dos and Don’ts
December 2020 Precision Risk Reduction
December 2020 Robotics Functional Safety 101
October 2020 How a Bad PHA/LOPA Can Damage the Design of your Safety System
September 2020 Remote Actuated Valve Design – Adding Partial Valve Stroke Testing
September 2020 How to Cause a False Trip with Your Final Element Design
August 2020 IEC 61511 and Failure Rates
August 2020 Assessing Common Cause for BPCS Shared Components
July 2020 Voting Configuration Decision Factors
July 2020 IEC61508 and IEC62443 – Molding Certification around YOU
July 2020 Functional Safety Management Requirements for Engineering Cos. and Integrators
July 2020 Back To Basics – Getting to Know λ (Failure Rates)
June 2020 What is Prior Use Justification?
April 2020 Staying Sharp.  Online Learning Solutions in the Age of Covid-19
April 2020 How to Complete a Successful Remote HAZOP
March 2020 SRA: Safety Reliability Analysis – Do You Engineer Above and Beyond?
February 2020 The Importance of Proof Testing
December 2019 Why Bother With Functional Safety Assessments?
December 2019 Do You Follow Good Site Safety Practices?
November 2019 Back To Basics – Systematic Capability, Architectural Constraints and PFD? Oh my!
October 2019 What-CHAZOP-macallit?
October 2019 What is a Safety Reliability Analysis (SRA)? And Can It Help Me?
September 2019 What Does “… failures which are the responsibility of the manufacturer were examined” Mean ?
September 2019 The next step in Final Element safety – the integrated remote actuated valve!
September 2019 Why People Dangerously Ignore Motor Controllers in a SIF
August 2019 Getting Failure Rate Data for Motor Controllers
August 2019 How Final Element Proof Test Can Affect Your Safety Instrumented Function (SIF)
July 2019 Process Safety: Why it’s important to consider more than one lifecycle
July 2019 Back To Basics – How Does a Product Achieve SIL and How is it Used?
June 2019 Introducing the Back to Basics Functional Safety Series
June 2019 Finding Design Problems Early – FMEA with the ARCHx Tool
May 2019 A Common Development Process for IEC 61508 and IEC 62443
May 2019 How Using Templates Can Lead to Improved Functional Safety Management Plans
May 2019 Calibrated Component Database vs. Warranty data: What’s the difference?
May 2019 Don’t Let Your Safe Operating Limits Leave You S-O-L (Out of Luck)
April 2019 Site Safety Index: Which Site is Your Safest Plant?
April 2019 So What? My Failure Rates Are Low?
March 2019 Does Having an Integrated Valve Assembly Actually Create Lower Failure Rates?
March 2019 Functional Safety - More than just λ
March 2019 Using FMEDA to Predict Electronic Design Failures for ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 Safety Compliance
February 2019 Key Time Parameters in Functional Safety
February 2019 Back to Basics: All About Failure Rates
January 2019 Functional Safety Fundamentals for 2019!
December 2018 How Safe Are You? The Importance of Functional Safety and Realistic Failure Rates
November 2018 Succession Planning – The Challenge and the Need
October 2018 What Really is Functional Safety Management?
October 2018 Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment of Collaborative Robots
August 2018 Using Manufacturer Warranty Failure Data (Not)
July 2018 Using Composite Failure Rates Instead of Generic Failure Rates?
July 2018 Final Elements 101
June 2018 IEC61511 Compliance - How to get Started
May 2018 Tools for Functional Safety (IEC 61508) and Cybersecurity (IEC 62443)
May 2018 Realistic Failure Rate Data – the Calibrated FMEDA™
May 2018 Final Element Proof Tests
April 2018 Functional Safety Management For Managers
April 2018 What’s in a Failure’s Name? Random, Systematic, or Both?
March 2018 The Demand Debate! Low demand vs High demand mode of operation
March 2018 Making Use of Leading and Lagging Indicators
March 2018 How to Effectively Use Certified Equipment in Fire and Gas Systems (Part 2: Flame Detection)
February 2018 It’s All About PFDavg!
February 2018 IEC61511: Operations & Maintenance
February 2018 Using Motor Controllers in a SIF
January 2018 How Do Architectural Constraints For a Device Affect Its Safety?
January 2018 Assessment of Final Element Assemblies
December 2017 Mechanical Issues That Can Impact Your ESD
November 2017 What is Safety Culture?
October 2017 How Proof Test Coverage Affects PFDavg for a SIF
October 2017 Are all Failures Created Equal?
October 2017 Recap: SIS 101: The Basics of Functional Safety (2017)
October 2017 Functional Safety Assessment: The Critical Independent Cross Check
September 2017 Are Your Safety Instrumented Systems Proof Tests Effective?
July 2017 Motor Controllers 101
June 2017 Electric Final Control Devices

Industrial Cybersecurity

Date Webinar
November 2023 Pragmatic Cybersecurity for Asset Owners Considering IEC 62443
June 2023 Using exSILentia Cyber for Cybersecurity Risk Assessments
May 2023 Should my Initial Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Consider Non-hackable Protections?
January 2023 New Year’s Resolution: Plan for OT Cybersecurity
September 2021 What is Cybersecurity Hygiene, and How Do I Implement It?
July 2021 Should Cybersecurity Risk Assessments Consider Likelihood?
July 2021 Getting started on Integrator Cybersecurity Certification
June 2021 Pipelines – Are You Really Protected?
April 2021 How can I use my PHA to Streamline Cybersecurity Risk Assessment?
February 2021 Learning from the Florida Water Hack
January 2021 Defining Industrial Cybersecurity Incidents
October 2020 How is Cybersecurity Changing Process Safety?
September 2020 How Can Templates Lead to Improved Cybersecurity Policies and Procedures?
August 2020 Cybersecurity Incident Response - When Disaster Strikes, How Will You Respond?
July 2020 Cybersecurity Monitoring and Metrics - “You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure” Continuously?
May 2020 Why is it important to conduct an Industrial Cybersecurity Gap Assessment?
February 2020 How Do I “Manage” my Cybersecurity Management System?
January 2020 The Cybersecurity Lifecycle (IEC 62443) and exSILentia Cyber
September 2019 IEC61511 and Cybersecurity: Are Your Safety & Control Systems Really Protected?
July 2019 IEC 62443 and Agile / Scrum
July 2019 Integrated System Cybersecurity: Understanding and Applying IEC 62443-3-3
June 2019 Meeting IEC 62443 - OEM Cybersecurity Threat Analysis with ARCHx
March 2019 IT and OT Cybersecurity, Two Sides of the Same Coin?
February 2019 Integration Cybersecurity: Understanding and Applying IEC 62443-2-4
December 2018 Cyber Risk Assessments and Security Level Verification: Security Level Verification (Part 3 of 3)
November 2018 Cyber Risk Assessments and Security Level Verification: Detailed Risk Assessments (Part 2 of 3)
November 2018 IEC62443: Attention all Software Development Experts!
October 2018 Leveraging IEC 62443 Security Level (SL) Requirements to Define IACS Cybersecurity Metrics
October 2018 High-Level Risk Assessments using exSILentia Cyber
September 2018 Cyber Risk Assessments and Security Level Verification: High-Level Risk Assessments (Part 1 of 3)
September 2018 Preventing Cyber-attacks by following Practical Guidance in IEC 62443
August 2018 Managing Cybersecurity Risks in Wireless Control Networks
July 2018 CACE – IEC 62443 Personnel Automation Cybersecurity Path
May 2018 IEC 62443 - An Introduction to exida Cybersecurity Certification Programs
January 2017 Industrial Automated Control System (IACS) Cybersecurity Program Management (IEC 62443)
November 2016 Control System Vulnerability Assessment
November 2016 Safety / Cybersecurity Lifecycle Overview Part 4 (Entering the Lifecycle)
October 2016 IEC 61511 & Cybersecurity
October 2016 Safety / Cybersecurity Lifecycle Overview Part 3 (Operation Phase)
September 2016 Safety / Cybersecurity Lifecycle Overview: Part 2 (Design Phase)
August 2016 Safety / Cybersecurity Lifecycle Overview: Part 1 (Analysis Phase)
July 2016 The Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) Explained
August 2015 Deep Packet Inspection for ICS Devices: Modbus/TCP Deep Packet Inspection
July 2015 Commissioning Deep-Packet Inspection of Barrier Devices
June 2015 exida Automation Cybersecurity (ACS) Certificate Program
February 2015 Cybersecurity Risk Assessment: A Component of the PHA
October 2014 Performing a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment as a Component of the PHA
October 2014 End User Cybersecurity Evaluation Report Card
July 2014 It’s an Assessment, Not an Audit
June 2014 Commissioning Barrier Devices
November 2013 Understand Risk of Cyber Threats to an Industrial Process with a Cyber PHA
February 2013 Approaches to Cybersecurity Lifecycle for Existing and New Facilities
October 2011 Lessons Learned From Actual Control System Security Incidents and Assessments
February 2011 The 7 Things Every Plant Manager Should Know About Control System Security
June 2009 Introduction to Process Control Cyber Security


Date Webinar
November 2023 A Streamline FMEA - Microcomputer Example Demo
October 2023 The FMEA to FMEDA Process – Better Results, Less Hours
October 2023 Streamlining Integration Test Plans during FMEA
October 2023 FMEA – Instant Failure Modes
October 2023 Using a Spreadsheet to do an FMEA
July 2023 Safety Lifecycle Overview with exSILentia (Part 2) - Design and Implementation Phase (2023)
June 2023 Safety Lifecycle Overview with exSILentia Part 1: Analysis Phase
April 2023 Optimizing the Development Process with OEMx
August 2021 Reduce Cost & Time to Market by Improving FMEDA predictions with new Component Reliability Database
June 2021 Failure Data Prediction using FMEDA for a Type A electronic device
May 2021 Accounting for Batch Operation in SIL verification
November 2020 Expediting SIL Verification using exSILentia
November 2019 Efficiently Configure your Safety PLC Application Program
September 2019 Proof Test Planning with exSILentia®
June 2019 Safety Lifecycle Overview with exSILentia (Part 2)
June 2019 How to Model Your SIFs in SILver
January 2019 2019 Resolution – Use exSILentia
July 2018 Process and Design Safety Requirements Specifications Implementation in exSILentia
June 2018 Performing Cyber Risk Assessments using exSILentia
April 2018 exSILentia v4; What will happen to my exSILentia v3 files?
March 2018 exSILentia® SILver™ and the Data Core
February 2018 Automatic Configuration of Safety Logic with the DeltaV SIS Configurator
January 2018 Introducing exSILentia® 4’s new SILver™ Release
December 2017 Integration of Automation Lifecycles
August 2017 No Safe Failures For a Transmitter?
July 2017 Improving Safety Lifecycle Data Flow Reduces Project Cost
June 2017 Calculating Unit MTTFS with exSILentia
April 2017 Process and Design Safety Requirements Specifications Implementation in exSILentia
March 2017 Reducing Project Lifecycle Cost with exSILentia®
March 2017 Automatic Application Program Creation based on Conceptual Design Information
November 2016 Integrating PHA and LOPA - An exSILentia® Product Demo
October 2016 Collecting Field Data Using SILStat™ (2016)
May 2016 Integrating PHA and LOPA: An exSILentia® Product Demo
January 2016 Failure Rate Classification-Safe or Dangerous: How to Use Fail Low and Fail High Failures
November 2015 SIL Selection Using exSILentia
April 2015 Layer of Protection Analysis with LOPAx™
April 2015 Collecting Field Data Using SILStat™
May 2014 Introducing the SILStat Field Data Collection Program
April 2014 SIL Verification Using exSILentia
April 2014 SIL Selection Using exSILentia
March 2014 Introduction to Process Hazard Analysis using HAZOP
January 2012 PHAx, exSILentia, and SILAlarm Integration
January 2012 Overview of exSILentia Safety Lifecycle Tool
November 2011 SILAlarm - Integrated Demo
May 2009 IEC 61511 - SIF Verification, Engineering Tools
April 2009 IEC 61508 Software Development Processes
April 2009 IEC 61511 - Process Hazard Analysis, Engineering Tools
April 2009 IEC 61511 - LOPA, Engineering Tools