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Commissioning Deep-Packet Inspection of Barrier Devices

Recording Date: July 2015

Many vendors are producing firewalls designed for the Industrial Control environment. Some very simple; some quite complex. One idea that is rapidly expanding on the Defense-in-Depth concept and becoming more important is that of “Deep Packet Inspection” or DPI. The idea of not only firewalling a protocol, but firewalling what that message is trying to do, allowing for example, a read but not a write command to pass. A number of vendors have released some sort of DPI firewall, and more are adding theirs to the list.

This webinar will explore the uses and special aspects of the industrial control firewall and will review how a firewall works to protect an ICS network. Subsequent webinars will present some of the specific DPI products available on the market today. Who they are from, what protocols they can filter, and what additional functionality they offer.

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About the Presenter:

Rick Smith

Rick Smith Rick Smith is currently marketing manager at exida. He has 15+ years experience as a web site designer and developer with proficiency in CSS, HTML, PHP, Expression Engine CMS, Javascript, Microsoft Office, MAC OSX, and the Adobe Creative Suite. At exida, he is responsible for the overall visual brand which includes exida’s web site and landing pages, book covers, logos, advertisements, brochures, exhibitions, displays, corporate communications, and corporate identity. He is a 1998 graduate of the Pennsylvania State University’s College of Communications and has done continuing education in marketing at Harvard University.