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The Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) Explained

Recording Date: July 2016

A lot of time and effort is spent installing security patches. The number of security vulnerabilities in a product, and thus the number of patches, can be significantly reduced if a Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) is followed during product development.

This webinar will help explain the following:

  • What is an SDL?
  • How following an SDL helps prevent successful security attacks
  • How does SDL fit into current standardization efforts?
  • How do I implement an SDL? What are the major parts of an SDL?
  • How can I ensure my suppliers are using an SDL?
  • How can I show my customers that I am using an SDL?

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About the Presenter:

Michael Medoff , CFSE, CISA

Michael Medoff Michael is a Functional Safety & Security expert responsible for incorporating industry best practices for the safety and security development lifecycles into a common process. He is certified to perform Achilles certification tests on industrial controllers. He consults with clients on improving their product development process to become compliant with IEC 62443, IEC 61508 and ISA Secure SDLA (Security Development Lifecycle Assurance). Michael holds a Masters in Business Administration from Penn State University, a M. S. in Computer Engineering from Villanova University and a B. S. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.