Security Automation Equipment List




It is the responsibility of any cybersecurity design engineer to select and justify equipment that will meet application needs and cybersecurity criteria. Cybersecurity criteria can most easily be justified by selecting equipment that has been IEC 62443 certified. exida maintains the most comprehensive list of IEC 62443 certified equipment as a service to those attempting to select equipment for use in a safety instrumented system that meets IEC 61511. Only equipment that is being actively marketed and available for sale by the manufacturer will be listed.


exida will list all equipment that has had a third party cybersecurity analysis done by recognized competent authorities using valid analysis methods. For all equipment manufacturer's, exida will review cybersecurity analysis reports and either list the equipment or advise the manufacturer that the methods are not valid per exida criteria.

Any manufacturer with a product suitable for functional safety applications should contact exida with the assessment report information for consideration.

exida reserves the right to list only products that meet strong technical assessment standards and practical usage standards.