exida Services - Robot (ANSI/RIA 1506) and Machine Functional Safety (IEC 62061)

Machine and Robot Functional Safety.

Helping the industry cost-effectively implement the requirements for Machine and Robot Safety Standards.

Machine Safety

Within the European Union, Machine Safety is regulated by the Machinery Directive, a fundamental piece of legislation that sets out the mandatory essential safety requirements for machinery.  It aims to ensure that machinery placed on the EU market is safe, reliable, and complies with the required standards. This directive applies to a vast range of powered machinery with one or more moving parts.  Our goal at exida is to provide you with a comprehensive guide to the Machinery Directive and help you understand its implications for your business.  With more than 20 years of experience in machine safety, exida can provide you with the essential knowledge and resources to ensure that your machinery complies with the current Machinery Directive.  We will also be prepared to support you with the pending EU Machinery Regulation. Explore our resources and learn more about the Machinery Directive's requirements and how we can help you to comply with them.

exida Certification Benefits

With an exida certificate, manufacturers enjoy the benefit of having Machinery that demonstrates high design and manufacturing quality from a third party.  It also results in reduced field failure rates and design flaws.  exida certificate holders receive market recognition and support with placement on exida’s industry renowned Safety Automation Equipment List (SAEL) and in their award winning exSILentia Safety Lifecycle Tool which results from your company standing out as a choice for end users.

Notified Body

exida IRL LTD in Shannon, Ireland is a Notified Body authorized to perform EC-Type Examination for manufacturers seeking to apply the CE mark to certain machines, safeguards, protective devices and safety logic units.  A Notified Body is an organization designated by an EU member state to assess the conformity of products to EU legislation.  Notified Bodies play a crucial role in ensuring that products placed on the EU market meet the required safety and performance standards.  Whether you're a manufacturer, importer, or distributor of machinery in the EU, exida can provide you with the necessary information to meet the EU's regulatory requirements for machinery and access the EU market with confidence.

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Robot Functional Safety 

Robot proliferation is prevalent across all industries. Factories have embraced industrial robots for jobs that are either too dangerous or labor intensive for humans. Robots can work 24/7 without breaks. They have been widely deployed for welding, painting, assembly, pick and place, and packaging applications.

Mobile robots are being adopted extensively in warehousing applications that pick and deliver product based on demand. Many of these applications require that humans share the same workspace and work collaboratively with robots. This has created a new safety concern for businesses. 

Machines perform actions that can cause serious, even fatal, injuries if they are not properly safeguarded.

Autonomous vehicles are being developed and deployed at a brisk pace. Farming, mining, quarries, floor cleaning, lawnmowers, etc. are all examples of where autonomous robots are being used. 

Companies must assess the risk associated with these new technologies to ensure the safety of all personnel and to limit their liability.

exida has experience and is the top choice for:

  • automatic cleaning machines
  • automatic guided vehicles 
  • collaborative robots
  • autonomous robots
  • automation systems
  • autonomous mobile platforms 
  • autonomous vehicles
  • industrial robot cybersecurity
  • ground vehicle automation
  • IIOT security
  • mobile robots 
  • robot related incidents 
  • robot reliability
  • robot safety certification 
  • robot safety training 
  • robotics components 
  • robotics systems 
  • self-driving robots

A good machine safeguarding program will ensure the safety of employees and the health of your company’s bottom line.

exida can effectively train your team to perform machine hazard and risk assessments to identify all possible hazards and estimate the risk for each hazard. Specifically, exida coaches you through the process of evaluating the risk, developing and implementing risk reduction options. exida can also educate your team in multiple approaches to SIL target selection. These are just some of the things exida does to ensure you are on the right path.


exida engineers are the undisputed experts in applying automation to solve safety critical problems over the full safety lifecycle. We have the ability to solve the complex issues, and stand ready to assist when needed for:

  • Machine Hazard Analysis & Risk Assessment
  • Robot/ Collaborative Robot Hazard & Risk Assessment
  • Safety Integrity Level Selection
  • Safety Integrity Level Verification
  • Functional Safety Audits (1-5)

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exida is an ANSI accredited Certification Agency that can help your company achieve compliance effectively and efficiently.


ANSI/RIA 1506, ISO 13849, IEC 62061 are just a few of the global standards that impact the design and deployment of safe products. exida saves you time to market by wading through all the standards, ensuring compliance and offering certification. exida recognizes that for robot and machine safety, expertise in both safety and security is required to fully assess the inherent risk. exida is the choice of leading companies when it comes to implementing and achieving compliance to the global standards relating to the IEC 61508, IEC 62061 and ISO 13849 for safety of machinery and IEC 62443 for industrial control system cybersecurity as well as ANSI/RIA 1506. exida is an ANSI accredited Certification Agency that can help your company achieve compliance effectively and efficiently.

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exida will help you fully understand the standards and implement procedures in your organization to ensure that Functional Safety is maintained.

Machine and Robot Safety Training Courses

We offer a range of Functional Safety training courses for professionals in the robot and machine industry, from basic to advanced concepts.

Students benefit from exida's in-depth knowledge and expertise , enabling them to fully understand the standards znd implement procedures in their organizations to ensure that Functional Safety is maintained.

FSE 110 - Machine Functional Safety Engineering

IEC61508 is the foundation for many industries, including Machine Safety. Today, ISO13849 and IEC62061 are 2 main distinctive standards used as the building blocks. Machine safety is particularly relevant to professionals who are responsible for validating the safety of machines that use either simple lower risk/complexity systems or complex systems such as PLC’s for safety duties. New standards like the ones mentioned above are continually being developed, placing unfamiliar requirements on the task of assuring machine safety, especially when more complex equipment such as PLC’s are used. With technology changing, effective competency training of individuals who are responsible for specifying, designing, or otherwise applying technology to safety applications is increasing in demand. This course will walk the candidate through the machine safety lifecycle and will learn about Risk, how to reduce the Risk, how to determine SIL, and much more. The main goal of this course is to make not only the plant safer but also to ensure the safety of your staff and financial health of your organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions About ANSI/CSA 22.2 No. 336 for Robotic Engineers

On January 5th CSA Group published the first edition of Particular requirements for rechargeable battery-operated commercial robotic floor treatment machines with traction drives. CSA 22.2 - 336 is a National Standard of Canada.

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