exida Services - Functional Safety for the Process Industries

Functional Safety for the Process Industry.

Helping the process industry cost-effectively implement the requirements for safety and security standards.

To improve plant process safety, functional safety systems enable the orderly shutdown of processing units when abnormal situations occur that are beyond the capabilities of the regulatory control system or operators to correct or to prevent a catastrophe.

exida makes implementation of safety and high availability automation products easier and more cost effective than ever.

Users now have the ability to use procedures and tools that were written by industry authorities for a fraction of the cost of having them internally developed, and without having to go through the effort of having core staff trained to become safety and reliability experts. This lets you and your staff focus on your core tasks.

The lifecycle is a series of phases from initiation and specifications of safety requirements, covering design and development of safety features in a safety-critical system, and ending in decommissioning of that system. exida provides initial guidance on performing key facets of the lifecycle, providing specific services for individual tasks within each lifecycle phase.

Safety Lifecycle Stage Tasks Supporting Services Supporting Tools


Hazard & Risk Analysis

PHA Facilitation

exSILentia® PHAx™
exSILentia® Cyber™

HAZOP Facilitation

CHAZOP Facilitation

Consequence Analysis

Consequence Analysis


Identification of protection layers

LOPA (Facilitation)

exSILentia® LOPAx™

Likelihood analysis

SIF identification

SIF Assessment


Target risk reduction factor assigned for each SIF

SIL Target Selection

exSILentia® SILect™

Develop Process Safety Requirements Specification

Process SRS Development

exSILentia® SRS™

Functional Safety Assessment 1

Functional Safety Assessment 1



SIF conceptual design:

SIF definition

exSILentia® SILver™

  • Select technology

Equipment justification report

  • Select architecture


  • Determine test plan

Proof Test definition

  • Perform SIL verification

SIL Verification

Develop Design Safety Requirements Specification

Design SRS Development

exSILentia® Design SRS™

C&E Diagram Development

Functional Safety Assessment 2

Functional Safety Assessment 2



Detailed design

Safety PLC logic generation

exSILentia® SIS Logic™

Develop Inspection and Test Procedures

Finalize Proof Test Requirements

exSILentia® Proof Test Generator

FAT test plan development


Factory Acceptance Test

FAT witnessing


SIS Installation & Commissioning

Commissioning test witnessing


SIS Safety Validation

Validation Test requirements


Cyber Security Audit

Cybersecurity assessment


Functional Safety Assessment 3

Functional Safety Assessment 3


Operation and Maintenance

Proof testing

Proof Test Requirements

exSILentia® SILstat™

Test result evaluation

Failure data analysis


Prior Use justification


Functional Safety Assessment 4

Functional Safety Assessment 4


Management of Change

Impact Analysis


Functional Safety Assessment 5

Functional Safety Assessment 5


SIS Decommissioning