The SAEL is a regularly maintained list of instrumentation that is functional safety certified per exida standards for use in safety instrumented systems.

New Additions

Last Updated: Tue, April 23, 2019

Company Model Type
DRA7x Automotive SoC Components :
Thermocouple/RTD Temperature Sensors Sensors : Temperature Switches / Transmitters :
Floating Ball Valves Final Elements : Ball Valves :
Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Final Elements : Ball Valves :
EHF – Electric Fail-Safe Actuators Final Elements : Hydraulic Actuators :
EHF - Self Contained Electro-Hydraulic Actuators Final Elements : Hydraulic Actuators :
Pressure switch series M, B, A, D, PC and PX Sensors : Pressure Switches / Transmitters :
maxDNA Distributed Control System Logic Solvers : PLC :
84000 Series SteamForm Valves Final Elements : Globe Valve :
Fisher 249 Displacer Sensors with FIELDVUE DLC3100 SIS Digital Level Controller Sensors : Level Transmitters :