The SAEL is a regularly maintained list of instrumentation that is functional safety certified per exida standards for use in safety instrumented systems.

New Additions

Last Updated: Wed, February 26, 2020

Company Model Type
Eclipse 700GWR Level Transmitter Sensors : Level Transmitters :
BM9 Series Slam Shut Valve Final Elements : Specialty Valves :
CON0x1/PR642x Measuring Chain Logic Solvers : PLC :
AMS 6500 Digital Protection System Logic Solvers : PLC :
TR/TH320 TR/TH420 Sensors : Temperature Switches / Transmitters :
IoT Embedded SDK Software :
Functional Safety Management process Engineering Processes :
EA1 Electric Actuator Final Elements : Electric Actuators :
TDLS8100 Probe Style Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometer Sensors : Other Sensors :
Digital EPIC Position Monitor Final Elements : Position Monitor :