The SAEL is a regularly maintained list of instrumentation that is functional safety certified per exida standards for use in safety instrumented systems.

New Additions

Last Updated: Mon, November 12, 2018

Company Model Type
AutroVu Model AV30 Universal Display Sensors : Displays :
FlexVu Model UD30 Universal Display Sensors : Displays :
IR Gas Detector Model HC400 Sensors : Gas Detectors :
Pointwatch IR Gas Detector Model PIR9600 Sensors : Gas Detectors :
Series T84, T85, T87, T89, T90 and T91 Final Elements : Ball Valves :
Torque Tube Type Level Transmitter FST4000 Series Sensors : Level Transmitters :
D0 & LD Series Final Elements : Ball Valves :
Model CRV Pressure Relief Valve Final Elements : Specialty Valves :
Fisher LCP200 Local Control Panel Final Elements : ESD Partial Stroke Valve Monitors :
Fisher FIELDVUE DLC3100 Sensors : Level Transmitters :