Flowserve Durco BTV-2000 Butterfly Valve

Durco BTV-2000 Butterfly Valve

Durco invented the chemical service butterfly valve 45 years ago to handle the demanding requirements of the chemical process industries. The BTV Lined Butterfly Valve is the latest style of such a valve, utilizing all of Durco’s accumulated experience. Since the standard valve has a lined body and disc, it is capable of resisting attack from even the most corrosive of chemicals.

The BTV Lined Butterfly can also be supplied with a large array of metal discs in the event that greater resistance is required. This butterfly valve can handle services up to 150 psi and 350°F (177°C.) In addition, the BTV can be equipped with an alternative disc and body in UHMWPE, allowing it to stand up to flows of abrasive materials up to 200°F (93°C.)

IEC 61508     SIL 3

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Last Updated: Tue, October 24, 2017