Safety Automation Equipment List


Final Elements

P2oo2 Trip Manifold Assembly (TMA)Details
A, B, C, S and HPDetails
FP Series Interface ValvesDetails
Series VBP-08 Volume Boosters and HIPEX-08 ValvesDetails
Series VBP-16 Volume Boosters and HIPEX-16 ValvesDetails
Series VBP-24, VBP-32, HIPEX-24 and HIPEX-32 ValvesDetails
PPV-08, -16, -24, -32 SeriesDetails
FP02G and FP05GDetails
BXS Pilot & Mechanical ValveDetails
SPR Series Spool ValvesDetails
Quick Exhaust ValvesDetails
FP50(B) and FP200(B) Directional Control ValvesDetails
PSV5A / PSV5E Flowline Pilot ValvesDetails
ETSV15 Eutectic Plug ValveDetails
FP Series Solenoid ValvesDetails
Series VBP- 04, 06, 08, 12 & 16 Volume Boosters and HIPEX-08 & 16 ValvesDetails
EHPC210 Valve ControllerDetails
Series 3B25* and 3B37* Directional Control ValvesDetails
ST Solenoid Valve SeriesDetails
Series 3BC25* and 3BC37*Details
Series 3BHF50M*Details
Series 92/93 Rack & Pinion ActuatorsDetails
Series 4XDetails
Tri LokDetails

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