Safety Automation Equipment List


Final Elements

CHA Series Hydraulic ActuatorsDetails
RA Series Hydraulic ActuatorsDetails
MACH Series Hydraulic ActuatorsDetails
Model 2200 Actuated Gate ValveDetails
Surface Safety Valve Control FunctionDetails
Bellow Seal Globe ValveDetails
FSE - Self Contained Electro-Hydraulic ActuatorsDetails
P2oo2 Trip Manifold Assembly (TMA)Details
A, B, C, S and HPDetails
FP15 & FP15EDetails
Series VBP-16 Volume Boosters and HIPEX-16 ValvesDetails
Series VBP-24, VBP-32, HIPEX-24 and HIPEX-32 ValvesDetails
PPV-08, -16, -24, -32 SeriesDetails
FP02G and FP05GDetails
BXS Pilot & Mechanical ValveDetails
SPR Series Spool ValvesDetails
Quick Exhaust ValvesDetails
FP50(B) and FP200(B) Directional Control ValvesDetails
PSV5A / PSV5E Flowline Pilot ValvesDetails
ETSV15 Eutectic Plug ValveDetails
FP Series Solenoid ValvesDetails
Series VBP- 04, 06, 08, 12 & 16 Volume Boosters and HIPEX-08 & 16 ValvesDetails
EHPC210 Valve ControllerDetails
Series 3B25* and 3B37* Directional Control ValvesDetails
ST Solenoid Valve SeriesDetails

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