Safety Automation Equipment List


Specialty Valves

Series 8000Details
Series MA11, MA12, MA21, and MA22Details
Coker DV-4 Switch ValveDetails
RZD-X SeriesDetails
Cage Guided Valve Model 83A-(S, BS, BSH, BP), 83-BL-(S, BS, BP), 83-NRV-(S, BS)Details
Shear Seal Actuator (SSR)Details
Sub Sea Safetyhead ET ActuatorDetails
MV / MVP / MVM / MVMPDetails
Drain Valve series BAV / BAVMDetails
Quick Exhaust ValvesDetails
Hydraulic Interface ValveDetails
Metal Seated Piston ValveDetails
J-A SeriesDetails
Cryogenic Quench Relief ValvesDetails
Atwood & Morrill FREE FLOWDetails
GSOV25 – Gas Shutoff ValveDetails
Gas Stop/Ratio Valve (SRV)Details
GSxE Rotary Control Valve with Electric ActuationDetails
ExMV-HD Electric Metering ValveDetails
Quick Shut Off ValveDetails

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