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Ovation SIS with Electronic Marshalling

Remove The Complexity of Marshalling Field Wires

The DeltaV system’s Electronic Marshalling delivers the flexibility to add I/O anywhere in the plant without affecting the control room cabinets. No re-design, no re-wiring. Now you can accommodate late project changes without adding extra costs or impacting start-up schedule.

CHARM Technology

The CHARacterization Module (CHARM) technology brings unprecedented flexibility that allows field wiring of any signal type to be terminated anywhere. A CHARM is simply a single-channel component with an A/D converter and signal characterizer inserted onto the terminal block where field wires are landed.

This revolutionary approach removes the complexity of field wiring marshalling in your control system. Redundant CHARM I/O cards, communications, and power between CHARMs and CHARM I/O cards ensure system reliability. Simply click a CHARM into place with the corresponding signal type — the landing is complete. After the CHARM is in place, the channel is electronically marshalled to any controller in the system. This means no marshalling cabinet or cross-wiring, fewer wires, much less work, and fewer contact points for potential failures.

Electronic marshalling and the CHARM technology have proven their flexibility in installations, delivering up to 50% wiring savings over traditional wiring as well as eliminating traditional marshalling cabinets and cross-wiring. At the same time, they increase reliability while reducing maintenance costs, responding quickly and easily to late changes with no impact on startup scheduling.

IEC 61508     SIL 3

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Last Updated: Wed, September 09, 2020