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Emerson Fisher Controls

SS-263 Volume Booster

The SS-263 volume booster is used exclusively in Fisher Optimized Digital Valve (ODV) packages. The booster amplifies the output signal from the FIELDVUEâ„¢ digital valve controller to increase the stroking speed of pneumatic actuators. It has fixed deadband and incorporates soft-seat construction for use with the Fisher 377 Trip Valve.

The booster features dynamically stabilized trim and integral bypass restriction for use with the digital valve controller. The SS-263 volume booster delivers high-volume output for fast stroking speeds when responding to large input signal changes. However, it also delivers smooth, stable, low-volume output when responding to small input signal changes. This allows stable, accurate throttling control which is often necessary during the startup or commissioning of process control equipment.

IEC 61508     SIL 3

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Last Updated: Tue, May 02, 2023