Cybersecurity Practitioner

exida CSP

The exida Cybersecurity Practitioner (CSP) program is a certificate program that provides confirmation that an attendee shows competency by retaining the knowledge presented in various exida Academy IEC 62443 based IACS (Industrial Automated Control System) cybersecurity courses.

The CSP program also provides an analysis of where the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses lie, helping participants judge their competency level if interested in obtaining a certification like the CACE or CACS.

How to Earn a CSP Certificate

The only way to earn a CSP Certificate is by attending an exida Academy industrial cybersecurity training course and passing the subsequent examination that will be given at the conclusion of the course. Those who pass the exam will be awarded with a certificate from exida Academy that signifies competence in the associated field.

*Please note that a CSP Certificate is different from a Course Completion certificate that includes PDHs/CEUs. All attendees of a training course will receive a Course Completion certificate at the conclusion of the course.

Key Benefits

  • Provides proof of competence
  • Increases skills in cybersecurity
  • Increases your value as an employee
  • Increases customer confidence in your specific skill set
  • Differentiates you from your competitors
  • Prepare for personnel certification examinations such as CACE or CACS
  • Opportunities for advancement, responsibility, & increased compensation

Latest CSPs

exida would like to congratulate the latest CSPs!

Name Exam Location CSP Number Specialty
Lipovics , Tamás United Kingdom CSPUK 180521 007 Automation Cybersecurity
Daniels, Nicholas United Kingdom CSPUK 180521 006 Automation Cybersecurity
Donela, Matas United Kingdom CSPUK 180521 005 Automation Cybersecurity
Vipond, James United Kingdom CSPUK 180521 004 Automation Cybersecurity
Dearden , Harvey United Kingdom CSPUK 180521 003 Automation Cybersecurity
Meinorius , Giedrius United Kingdom CSPUK 180521 002 Automation Cybersecurity
Groombridge , Darren United Kingdom CSPUK 180521 001 Automation Cybersecurity
Depenbusch, Phillip USA CSPUSA 180419 010 Automation Cybersecurity
Johnson, David USA CSPUSA 180419 009 Automation Cybersecurity
Wasserman, Gitana USA CSPUSA 180419 008 Automation Cybersecurity
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