exida - Alarm Management Services, Alarm Rationalization, ANSI/ISA-18.2-2009, EEMUA 191

Alarm Management

Services Overview

Task Description Services
Audit Periodic review of alarm management procedures (e.g. MOC) to verify integrity of Alarm System

Compare Control system configuration (actual) vs. SILAlarm MADB (expected) – identifies unauthorized changes to alarm system configuration so that they can be reset (enforcement)

Audit of Process / Procedural Documentation and Comparison to Alarm Philosophy - to verify that the documented practices and procedures are being followed 

Alarm System Performance Monitoring & Assessment (Ongoing) Measure alarm system performance on a regular basis (e.g., monthly), compare against KPIs, and Identify problem alarms to be addressed (via rationalization)

Measure and Analyze Alarm System Performance

Create and review reports (annunciated alarm rate, alarm flood analysis, alarms out-of-service, annunciated alarm priority distribution, stale / standing alarms, frequently occurring alarms / bad actors, chattering alarm list, redundant alarms, etc.) 

Implementation Configuration of Alarm Rationalization results (alarm settings and design) in the control system. Creation of alarm response procedures from results of rationalization.

Update / Modify Control System Alarm System Configuration

  • Import alarm settings from SILAlarm into the control system
  • Configure Alarm Suppression in the control system
  • Integrate alarm response procedures into the operator HMI
  • Configure alarm shelving parameters (max shelving time) 
Advanced Alarm System Design Configure alarm system to modify alarm behavior dynamically based on the state of the process or equipment

Define advanced alarming / alarm suppression schemes in SILAlarm for implementation in the control system. These include (state-based suppression, alarm flood suppression, dynamic alarming, conditional alarming) 

Alarm Rationalization Process for verifying alarms are necessary and meaningful, establishing their design (priority, limit, deadband) and documenting their basis (cause, consequence, corrective action) in a Master Alarm Database (MADB)

SILAlarm rationalization tool

SILAlarm Product Training (2 days, hands on)

Rationalization Ready Service – prepare customer’s master alarm database so that it is ready for rationalization

Rationalization Facilitation Workshop - kicko / lead the alarm rationalization process, document the results in SILAlarm, and train client personnel to be able to lead the process

Lead Alarm Rationalization ongoing or until completion 

Alarm Philosophy Development Documents the objectives, guidelines and work processes for alarm management at a site. Includes definition of what should be alarmed, how to prioritize alarms, use of shelving, personnel roles & responsibilities, alarm system KPIs, etc.. (Prerequisite for Alarm Rationalization)

Alarm Philosophy Development (APD)

  • exida APD template – comprehensive starting point full of best practices and made to comply with ISA-18.2
  • Alarm Management Practices & Principles Training (1 day) – to prepare participants to support development of the APD
  • Alarm Philosophy Development Workshop (2 days) – a guided process designed which draws out requirements for the APD

Alarm Philosophy Gap Analysis – Review existing document against ISA-18.2’s requirements, identify gaps, and provide recommendations for closure. 

Alarm System Performance Benchmarking (Initial) Establish initial baseline for ongoing comparison as part of a comprehensive alarm management program. Identify the most pressing alarm management problems and the biggest opportunities for improvement.

Alarm System Performance Benchmark (tailored to customer’s budget)

  • Operator Interviews – gather qualitative feedback from the users of the alarm system
  • Measure / Document initial alarm system performance (number of alarms / day, stale alarms, top ten most frequent alarms)
  • Evaluate Control System Alarm Configuration vs. Benchmarks
  • Alarm System Gap Analysis Report 

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