What’s on your Christmas list?  Instead of relying on Santa, here are some gifts you can expect from a SIL 3 compliant process:

  • 12 safety requirements improved through review by test engineers
  • 11 validation tests that uncovered problems before they reached the field
  • 10 system failure modes discovered and mitigated through the use of architecture design review and FMEA
  • 9 software functions improved through code inspection and static analysis
  • 8 rules of software design followed for a structured, modular approach that leads to practical, understandable, and maintainable software modules
  • 7 software functions reduced in criticality due to software HAZOP analysis
  • 6 high failure rate electronic components replaced with lower failure rate components due to hardware and FMEDA review
  • 5 golden rings of data flow diagrams that help define and improve safety critical data flow
  • 4 ambiguous programming language behaviors that are clarified in the Coding Standard
  • 3 offline software T3 tools qualified by confidence in use
  • 2 diverse calculations that add diagnostic coverage and raise the safe failure fraction
  • 1 fully compliant and certified product

Happy Holidays!

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