exida is often posed questions regarding our failure rates used in Failure Modes, Effects and Diagnostic Analysis (FMEDA) for products used in safety-related systems. 

Today I would like to focus on a question that was recently asked: “What if my products are unique or different than products typically used in a functional safety system?”  exida has a database which considers most failure modes options for components normally found in functional safety elements.  However, once in a while, exida does receive a request for certification from a customer with a product that is unique or uses new technology from other functional safety products.  If this is the case with your product, rest assured, exida can offer a more in-depth investigation into the science behind your product, as a specific part failure analysis. 


When exida does a specific part failure analysis, we research the following from the specific company:


  • Proven-in use-data
  • Field failure data
  • Detailed failure reports
  • Validation information regarding the design of the component
  • The scientific explanation on what was done differently to the component, making it unique.

The data is then analyzed by exida’s staff of hardware engineers with more than 150 years combined experience in the process control industry.  Combining the data with expert judgment, exida develops a new component for the database.  It is at this point we can analyze the safety-related system with a more accurate failure rate for your unique component.

So no matter how unique your product is from anything else on the market, exida can cater to your needs.

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