Let me start by wishing everybody a Happy Holidays and Love, Health, Peace, and Safety for 2012. My 5-year old son is very excited about all the holiday decorations. As we celebrate Christmas in my family, we emphasize the birth of baby Jesus as the reason for Christmas, but, like any other child, he just can’t wait for Santa to come. Since my son has not been naughty this year, my wife and I told him to create a wish list that we could give to Santa. The last month or so I have been updating a notes file on my smart phone with every toy store visit. (Father and son apparently like to have documented evidence)

Last Tuesday, December 6th, was an important day in Sellersville, PA: It was WINTERFEST. During Winterfest, Santa arrived on a shiny red fire truck. Talk about getting a 5 year old boy excited! There were also trolleys riding through the streets, dropping people off at different locations in downtown Sellerville. The local shops stayed open late, with many serving cookies and hot chocolate.

One of the highlights of the evening for all the kids was of course meeting with Santa. This is where things went a bit different than I expected. My son did not want to talk to Santa. It took me a little while before I understood why he did not want to talk to Santa all by himself: he wanted me to come with him. His reasoning had nothing to do with being scared for Santa. I had the magic list that we so diligently worked on for the last month.

The moral of the story is that when you are called to order, have to report on your work, you better make sure all your documentation is available. If you have dotted all your i’s and crossed all your t’s, you can feel assured that all your information is easily accessible when needed.

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