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Safety Equipment Reliability Handbook - 4th Edition

Safety Equipment Reliability Handbook - 4th Edition

The SERH provides a collection of failure rate data that is applicable for use in Safety Instrumented System (SIS) conceptual design verification in the process industry. The Safety Equipment Reliability Handbook remains the ultimate reference source for any safety engineer involved in Conceptual Design and Safety Integrity Level verification.The set comes in three different volumes:

Volume 01: Sensors

includes Fire and Gas, Flame Monitoring, Flow, Level, Pressure, Proximity, and Temperature measurements

Volume 02: Logic Solvers and Interface Modules

includes Barriers, Surge protection devices, Relays, logic solvers, Fire and Gas Systems, and solenoid drivers

Volume 03: Final Elements

includes Final Element interfaces such as solenoids and digital valve positioners, Pneumatic interfaces such as Quick Exhaust valves, Actuators, Valves such as ball, butterfly, gate, etc. valves, and Gas Pressure Regulating Valves

The new edition has many different manufacturers and over 200 OEMs!

The set DOES NOT include Volume 4: Generic Data which is still in development.

Why UPGRADE to the 4th Edition?

The number of equipment has vastly increased since the 3rd edition, adding many new manufacturers and devices. For example, the 4th edition includes over 200 unique valves compared to around 20 in the 3rd Edition.

The products have also been re-analyzed and, in some cases, new versions have been included. Also, more equipment information has been listed including: Route 1H or Route 2H, Environmental profiles, Internal Fault Detection Time, Applicable Hardware and Software versions..

Publish Date: Aug 31, 2015

ISBN-13: 9781-934977-15-6

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