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CACE / CACS Study Guide

CACE / CACS Study Guide

2nd Edition

The Certified Automation Cybersecurity Expert (CACE) and Certified Automation Cybersecurity Specialist (CACS) program was developed in response to the growing demand to secure industrial automation control systems (IACS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems by providing a means for people to develop and demonstrate competence in understanding and applying security standards and best practices.

The experts at exida have developed this study guide for the CACE/CACS certification examination. Contributions were from a number of industry experts in their respective field(s). The purpose of this study guide is to assist persons who are preparing for the Certified Automation Cybersecurity Expert / Specialist examination.

The study guide applies to:

  • Automation Cybersecurity
  • Integration Cybersecurity
  • Software Development Cybersecurity

Soft Cover / 95 pages

Publish Date: Oct 09, 2018