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Component Reliability Database (CRD) Handbook Set

Component Reliability Database (CRD) Handbook Set

The Component Reliability Database (CRD)TM handbook set provides the engineering community with a comprehensive set of component failure rate, failure mode and useful life data. The data sets have been derived for many engineering applications and provide all data needed for a realistic FMEDA prediction, a device failure rate prediction method which requires a full set of data.  This is the sixth edition published in 2023 in a three volume set (Mechanical, Electrical, Electrical Sensor).

The data sets are provided for individual components for electrical (resistors, capacitors, FETs, microcomputer ICs, etc.), mechanical (springs, seals, diaphragms, bearings, structural members, etc.), and sensor (electrochemical, catalytic bead, RTD, strain gauge, scintillator, etc.) A listing of part types and sample data pages are available.

The CRDTM books are available to qualified customers on a license basis. Please contact exida for additional information and pricing. 

Publish Date: Jun 15, 2023