exida Certification - IEC 61508, IEC 61511, IEC 62443, ISO 26262, CFSE

IEC 61511 Certified Integrator

The 61511 integrator certification program’s design is tailored to address the specific safety engineering tasks that will be executed by the integrator / engineering company. This means if your company specializes in the design and engineering of the SIS application then the certification program will reflect this. The program is customized for each company based the selection of tasks (chosen a la carte) from the selection below:

Activity / Task Clause (IEC 61511)
Hazard Identification 8
Consequence Analysis 9 a
Identify Protection Layers, Likelihood Analysis 9 b
SIL Selection 9 c
SRS Development 10
SIS Design & Engineering 11
Application Software 12
Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) 13
SIS installation and commissioning 14
SIS safety validation / Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) 15
Tailorable to address the safety lifecycle tasks performed by your company

A program which certifies that project execution practices are compliant to IEC 61511 / ISA84 and that SIS applications are designed and engineered per IEC 61511.

Assessment & Certification services – Overview

Core Program:

  • Review existing integration procedures and identify gaps to achieve compliance
  • Audit deliverables created for an actual project to verify compliance was demonstrated
  • Publish certification report / certificate
  • Annual audit / renewal fee or project-based fee

Optional services:

  • Training / Books
  • IEC 61511 Procedure Templates
  • Support for creation of project-specific IEC 61511-compliant procedures
  • Safety Lifecycle Design Tools (exSILentia)
  • Case Study

CFSE certification or equivalent is required as a pre-requisite

Benefits of the Integrator Certification Program

End User

  • Ensure competence of engineering contractors
  • Criteria for hiring of contractors
  • Needed to fulfill requests for “SIL-x systems”


  • Market differentiator
  • Leverage exida’s experience/reputation in the safety world
  • Indicates competence for engineering a safety project to follow the standard
  • Provides credibility for breaking into the safety market

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