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Alarm Rationalization - The Why and the How Webinar Recording Added

  February 25, 2011

It is well known that operator effectiveness is impacted by alarm system performance. Nuisance alarms, alarm floods, incorrectly prioritized alarms, and an overabundance of alarms make it much more difficult for the operator to detect, diagnose and respond to each alarm. Alarm rationalization, a proven alarm management technique and one of the stages of ISA-18.2’s alarm management lifecycle, can help address these issues.

Alarm Rationalization entails reviewing each alarm to ensure that it is justified and meets the criteria for being an alarm as defined in the alarm philosophy. It also involves defining the attributes of each alarm (such as limit, priority, classification, and type) as well as documenting the cause, consequence, and corrective action all in a Master Alarm Database (MADB).

In this webinar we will walk through the alarm rationalization process using exida’s new SILAlarm™ tool, which facilitates and records the results of alarm rationalization in a Master Alarm Database. We will also demonstrate how to apply alarm management best practices, taken from ISA-18.2 and EEMUA 191, to rationalization.