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Article on exida Ireland on Shannon Chamber web site

  April 20, 2021

One year on, Shannon’s First Virtual Foreign Direct Investment sign-up, exida, is making strides in the European market

Browsing through exida’s corporate profile, it is easy to see why this company has become one of the world’s leading product certification and knowledge companies, specialising in automation system safety, alarm management and cybersecurity. It has such interesting origins.

Founded in 2000 by Bill Goble and Rainer Faller as a result of an existing link forged when Goble, then working for an automation manufacturing company in the US engaged Faller, then employed by a German provider of technical, safety, and certification services, to work on the certification of a safety programmable logic controller (PLC) product he was developing. Faller was impressed by the system presented to him but felt it was not up to safety standards and would fail certification if not revised.

This initial linkage was the seed that led to Goble and Faller exiting their respective employment to set up a new company, exida. Their ambition was to be a market leader in helping companies make products better, understand why new products might fail certification and to point companies in the right direction with their product and process development. Twenty-one years on, exida has operations in 20 locations worldwide, including, since March 2020, in Shannon, Co Clare.

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