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Do Not Slip Up On Security Article

  February 28, 2011

exida’s Director of Security Services was quoted in the latest article by Jim Montague for Control  It is entitled Do Not Slip Up On Security

When It Comes to Protecting Your Network Against Intruders, You Can’t Afford to Fall Down on the Job

Pay attention. That’s the first thing.

Icy pavement, dark alleys, newly mopped floors, biker bars, Wall Street, banana peels and industrial control networks all demand caution—or expect bruised backsides or worse. Your choice.

Likewise, anyone can kick in your front door or break a window, but that doesn’t mean locking them is a waste of time or that you never can leave the house. Common-sense barriers prevent most residential break-ins, and keeping cash and other valuables in a bank lessens the losses from the few intrusions that statistics show must happen eventually. Both deterrence and mitigation mean never having to say you made it easy for the bad guys. Your choice again.

These physical analogies hold equally true for industrial network security. It also demands attention and focus because some intrusions might occur, but ongoing and evolving deterrence and mitigation can prevent most break-ins and limit those that do happen.