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exida is Pleased to Announce the Winners of the 2019 Safety & Cyber Awards

  November 13, 2019

exida, the global leader in functional safety and cybersecurity certification, is pleased to announce the winners of their 2019 Safety & Cyber Awards.  

We are thrilled with the quality of products that were submitted for this year’s awards,” said exida principal partner Dr. William Goble.

This made for a very difficult decision process, but we are confident that the chosen products best exemplify innovation and novelty. Congratulations to this year’s recipients."

This Year’s Winners Include:

Product: PrevEx 670 Series
Category: Sensors

The PrevEx, formerly the 670 series of analyzers, is Control Instruments’ Flammability Analyzer for Lower Flammable Limit monitoring. Its new name boasts its ability to prevent explosions and its new look adds flavor to the industrial environment. To top it off, it still solves all of the sampling, measuring, and reporting problems found in industrial process applications while promising accuracy, consistency, and reliability. The PrevEx allows you to protect your investment: it keeps your facility, employees, and environment safe while increasing your productivity and eliminating downtime. Its accuracy surpasses that of any other analyzer, due to its unique flame temperature technology, delivering the highest degree of safety. This exclusive design is based on a sensing-flame concept that has since proven itself to be the most reliable detection system in the industry. Unlike catalytic sensors that can become contaminated, give false readings or fail outright, the PrevEx has many impressive features to ensure unmatched safety, extreme accuracy, and ultra-fast response time, even when sampling a mixture of several different flammable vapors. The PrevEx Flammability Analyzer is efficient and economical, leaving you feeling confident in its performance. After all, a monitoring system is only as good as the sensor it employs! 

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Product: IoT Embedded SDK
Category: Software

A versatile tool kit for applying public-key security to low-resource devices for the Internet of Things 

The IoT Embedded SDK is a collection of pre-compiled C-language routines you can call from your own code in order to implement SecureRF’s Group Theoretic-based, asymmetric cryptographic functions (GTC) — the world’s first linear-in-time method. Included is the IronwoodTM Key Agreement Protocol (Ironwood KAP), WalnutTM Digital Signature Verification Algorithm (WalnutDSATM), the Hickory HashTM Function, and Cipher-based Message Authentication Code functions (CMAC). 

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Product: ControlEdge PLC
Category: Embedded Device

ControlEdge PLC dramatically reduces configuration, integration, and support costs while decreasing risk with embedded cyber security. Combined with Experion® PKS, it minimizes downtime through unified support, and lowers total cost of ownership through extended system lifecycle.

The latest release provides the ultimate engineering flexibility with more I/O options for system design, connectivity to more devices, the most protocols for native connectivity, and support for lean project execution. EtherNet/IP, a serial interface module, and cloud enabled engineering enhance the first PLC to have earned ISASecure Level 2 certification.

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Product: Catalyst IE3x00
Category: Network Device

Cisco Catalyst IE3x00 Rugged Series switches feature advanced, full Gigabit Ethernet speed for rich real-time data -  and a modular, optimized design. These Cisco rugged switches bring simplicity, flexibility and security to the network edge, and are optimized for size, power and performance.

From their end-to-end security architecture to delivering centralized automation and scale with Cisco intent-based networking, the Cisco Catalyst IE3x00 family is the perfect solution to your switching needs in almost any use case.  

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Product:  DeltaV DCS and SIS System
Category: IACS (System)

The DeltaV distributed control system (DCS) is an easy-to-use automation system that simplifies operational complexity and lowers project risk. The state-of-the-art suite of products and services increases plant performance with intelligent control that is easy to operate and maintain.

The DeltaV DCS adapts to meet your needs, scaling easily without adding complexity. The inherent integration of the DeltaV system extends to batch, advanced control, change management, engineering tools, diagnostics, and more.

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