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exida Publishes Practical Guide to Functional Safety Management

  September 01, 2020

Sellersville, PA: The global leader in functional safety, IACS cybersecurity, and alarm management for the process industries, exida, has announced the publication of Functional Safety for Managers, What Managers Need to Know. The book clearly presents and explains the importance of Functional Safety Management, as well as having well defined Key Performance Indicators to track and manage performance.

In particular, by:

  • Developing Functional Safety Management (FSM) processes and procedures that are easily understood and followed, to manage and maintain functional safety;
  • Having a well-defined and implemented Functional Safety Management Plan (FSMP), with the accompanying functional safety audits and functional safety assessments to ensure compliance with IEC 61511;
  • Defining roles, responsibilities and competencies of those individuals with key safety lifecycle responsibilities;
  • Defining Leading and Lagging Indicators for management to track and monitor performance to maintain functional safety;
  •  Understanding the importance of preventative maintenance of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) in maintaining safety;

Managers should consider the techniques and methodology defined in this book as a guide to help with increasing knowledge and competency.

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