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exida is Pleased to Announce the Winners of the 1st Annual exida Safety Awards 2013

  October 01, 2013

exida safety awards

We are thrilled to announce the products chosen in the 1st Annual exida Safety Awards.  exida recognizes the importance of excellence in functional safety, and through extensive analysis of the nominated products, we feel as though the products that have been chosen best demonstrate exceptional work and have the ability to play a key role in the continuous journey of making the world a safer place. 

“exida has had the opportunity to provide functional safety certification to hundreds of products,” said exida principal partner Dr. William Goble.

“Many exhibit innovation as well as the necessary high quality design. exida decided to recognize one nominated product from each category that best showed innovation to improve safety. Our congratulations to the winners. “

About the Products:

Sensor Category


Product: FlexSonic™ Acoustic Detector
Manufacturer: Det-Tronics

The FlexSonic™ Acoustic Detector was commercially released in August 2013 and is designed to recognize the unique ultrasonic frequency content of events such as gas leaks. When a pressurized gas leak occurs, the frequency content of the sound being generated extends beyond the audible portion of the spectrum into the ultrasonic region (above 20 kHz). Acoustic detection is less susceptible to environmental factors (such as high winds) that can degrade the ability of traditional sensing technology based on gas concentration to detect the presence of a leak. When combined with line of sight and/or point gas detectors, the additional layer of protection provided by the FlexSonic Acoustic Detector offers the ultimate solution for gas leak detection.

More information on this product can be found here

Logic Solver Category


Product: DeltaV SIS with Electronic Marshalling
Manufacturer: Emerson Process Management

SIS Charms

The DeltaV SIS with Electronic Marshalling is a modern approach to increase safety integrity while improving process reliability. It is based on the CHARMs Smart Logic Solver which simplifies the design, installation, wiring and commissioning of SIS projects. DeltaV SIS with Electronic Marshalling provides an integrated, constant monitoring approach for the complete safety loop –from sensor, to logic solver, to final control element. A key component of Emerson’s Smart SIS is to detect field device failures before they cause spurious trips. Electronic marshalling provides unprecedented flexibility to easily change or expand safety loops. In addition to reducing installation, re-work and commissioning cost, DeltaV SIS with Electronic marshaling reduce footprint by eliminating traditional marshaling cabinets.

More information on this product can be found here

Software Category


Product: RTMSafety
Manufacturer: System Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd.


exida’s certification of Systems Engineering Consultants’ RTMSafety ensures that the world’s first middleware for robot automation meets the functional safety requirements for Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 capable per IEC 61508.  RT Middleware (RTM) is a software platform which supports the construction of various networked robotic components for the establishment of a robot system. RTMSafety’s robot software platform is compliant with the IEC 61508 functional safety standard in order to provide functional safety for the robot system. RT system (RTS) is the robot, which is combined multiple software modules containing robot functional components.

More information on this product can be found here

exida thanks all that took the time to nominate their products for the awards, and choosing exida as your product certification agency.  As new and innovative products continue to be developed, we look forward to recognizing such advancements in the future.