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exida Presenting at 2012 Siemens Automation Summit

  May 22, 2012

John Cusimano, exida’s Director of Security Services, will be presenting at the 2012 Siemens Automation Summit, which will be held June 25-28, 2012 in Washington, DC.

Title: “Assessing the Security of ICS Systems Using Threat Modeling”

Presenter: John Cusimano, exida Director of Security Services

Description: Threat Modeling is a technique that has long been used by software developers to assess the security risks in their code. It is a significant part of the Microsoft Security Development Life Cycle. Threat Modeling can also be applied to systems and can be a very good tool for assessing the security of an industrial control system. It provides a systematic approach to identifying, classifying and quantifying the amount of risk presented by each evaluated threat. This presentation will describe the threat modeling process and explain how it can be applied to an industrial control system. Real world examples will be used to help demonstrate how this can be applied.