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International Functional Safety Firm exida Arrives in Israel

  June 03, 2019

exida Israel Israel Ltd. is the first & only locally based functional safety/automation cybersecurity firm.

The goal: Provide a critical service to the growing Smart-Mobility Industry in Israel

HAIFA, ISRAEL (May 15, 2019)—exida, a global supplier of functional safety and security products, services, and certifications, has opened an Israel subsidiary in recognition of the growing importance of the local Automotive and Smart-Mobility ecosystem. “Israel is fastbecoming one of the leading countries in the new Automotive Industry”, said Amir Rahat, the CEO of the local subsidiary, “and we hope to provide a critical component in this ecosystem”.

exida, founded in 1999, has until now provided these services remotely to Israeli companies from its offices in Germany, Italy and the USA. While the customers, such as Innoviz Technologies, are happy with the support they received, exida realized this model is less effective. “Remote consulting with occasional visits limits our ability to help companies new to the field, such as start-ups”, said Rainer Faller, exida Founder – Germany, “while a local office with local experts can really make a difference”.

Since its creation on January 1st, the Israeli subsidiary has signed on several Israel-based companies as new customers. Among them are Foresight Automotive Ltd., GuardKnox Automotive Cybersecurity , and Guardian Optical Technologies. Says Guardian CEO, Gil Dotan "We are very happy about the collaboration with exida. The combination of exida expertise and local, Hebrew-speaking consultants is exactly what we need to speed-up our Safety efforts and become an Automotive certified supplier. What exida brings to the table would allow us todevelop a lifesaving, industry changing product.”.