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ISA-18.2 Approves Technical Report 3 on Basic Alarm Design

  May 14, 2013

The ISA-18.2 committee recently voted to approve ISA-TR18.2.3 Basic Alarm Design. This technical report is designed to provide guidance, rationale, and examples on the Basic Alarm Design process as described in ISA-18.2, Clause 10. It covers the selection of alarm attributes, including types, deadbands, and delay times. “Publication of this technical report will help speed adoption of the ISA-18.2 standard,” said Todd Stauffer, exida Director of Alarm Management Services, and co-chair for TR3. “Technical reports supplement the requirements and recommendations of the standard (the “what”) with guidance on best practices and application examples (the “how”).”

More information on exida Alarm Management Services can be found here.