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New Online Course - FSE 001 - Introduction to Functional Safety

  March 31, 2021

Has a potential customer ever said “We Need SIL”? What does that mean? What are the standards that specify SIL levels? What are the basic principles of these standards? The INTRODUCTION TO FUNCTIONAL SAFETY course from exida answers these questions and many more. Intended for those who are new to the concept of functional safety: this course covers definitions, concepts, standards, industries, and performance metrics. The course is a great place to start and a great place to refresh your knowledge of functional safety.

You will be able to:

  1. Learn an overview of Functional Safety goals and concepts.
  2. Understand the different basic priorities of different industries - process safety versus machine safety.
  3. Learn essential vocabulary to facilitate more learning about Functional Safety.
  4. Distinguish between various Functional Safety standards in terms of scope and applicability.
  5. Appreciate the value that Functional Safety certification brings to a manufacturer‘s product.
  6. Understand the ingenious risk management system in the Functional Safety standards and the value of performance based metrics.

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