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New Training Program Focuses on How to Develop IEC 61508 Family Compliant Products

  September 23, 2021

In today’s market, development of new 61508-compliant products can be thought of as a race to get better products to market, at reduced cost, and with shorter time to market. With so much at stake, do you (and the other members of your organization) truly possess the skills necessary to be successful? 

If not, turn to the experts at exida to learn how to accelerate and streamline the process for achieving Functional Safety certification of new products with automatic protection systems.

exida Academy is proud to introduce a new training series focused on the design and development of new products, with automatic protection systems, that must meet the requirements of the IEC 61508 standard. The classes are tailored to explain what you need to know about functional safety based on the type of product being developed (electrical, electronic, mechanical, and software) and based on your role (developer, manager, engineer, architect). The classes are available as open enrollment courses or on demand, self-paced modules.

FSE 210

IEC 61508 – Functional Safety Overview for Design & Development Leaders

FSE 211

IEC 61508 – Functional Safety for Design & Development (Electrical, Mechanical, Software) *

FSE 212

IEC 61508 - Functional Safety for Software Design & Development *

FSE 213

IEC 61508 - Functional Safety for Mechanical Design & Development *

* Attendee has the option to sit for Functional Safety Practitioner (FSP) certificate test at the conclusion of the course. The FSP provides confirmation of competency by demonstrating the attended has retained the key knowledge presented in this course. The course can also be used to prepare for the CFSE / CFSP certification exam in Safety Hardware Development or Safety Software Development.

Expand your skillset and gain a competitive advantage by learning from the best


FSE 210

FSE 211

FSE 212

FSE 213

Product Development Managers

Marketing Personnel




Sales Professionals responsible for 61508-compliant products




Quality Managers




Approvals Coordinators




Product Designer / Developers


Safety Engineers



Reliability Engineers



Systems, Software, and Hardware Architects




Development Engineer


Software Product Designer / Developer




Software Engineer




Software Engineering Manager




Mechanical Product Designer / Developers




Control Engineers