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New exSILentia V3.1 is Now Available

  August 01, 2013

exida is pleased to announce the release of exSILentia V3.1.  The following is an overview of key updates to the software in this release:

  • Addition of the Emerson SIS CHARMS DTT and ETT logic solver including custom Markov models reflecting the advance hybrid architecture of the logic solver
  • Extension of the application level test modeling (see next subject)
  • Introduction of 2 additional consequence categories (Massive and Extreme) in the Frequency Based Tolerable Risk categories
  • Provided the ability to rename consequence categories
  • Added icons of each equipment type (Sensor, Logic Solver, Final Element) to the SERH Viewer list
  •   Replaced toggle buttons that had multi-line text with standard toggle switch controls
  • Improved tool tips through shortening the explanation in each tool tip and ensuring that detailed explanations are available in the user guide
  • Added a list of options to the Advanced Options dialog boxes to denote which failure rates are loaded from the SERH database
  • Added Next SIF and Previous SIF buttons in the header bar for improved navigation
  • Included USB License key expiration in the exSILentia® Help - About dialog box for time expiring licenses

* Upgrading to exSILentia V3.1 is complementary for all exSILentia V3 users

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