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SERH Viewer / Netbook Combo Web Store Special

  November 05, 2010

Get a Dell Mini 1108 Netbook (a $300 value) preloaded with SERH Viewer, or media for installation on a separate PC.

(includes SERH Viewer, SERH database, USB License Key, FREE Shipping in the Continental US)

SERHviewer provides a way to view the best-selling Safety Equipment Reliability Handbook (SERH) in electronic format. With reliability data for over 1700 sensors, logic solvers, interface modules, and final elements, the Safety Equipment Reliability Handbook is the ultimate reference for any functional safety engineer involved in Conceptual Design and Safety Integrity Level verification. In its printed form, the SERH is a three-volume set. The SERHviewer allows users to survey this detailed reliability data by product, manufacturer, or type of assessment from an easy to use interface.

Killer Applications for the SERHviewer:

  • Source of equipment reliability data for calculating the safety integrity level of a safety instrumented function (sensor – logic solver – final control element).
  • A database that can be used to standardize reliability evaluations across a company
  • A tool for evaluating suppliers and equipment to create a preferred vendor list for SIS applications
  • As a reference during SIL Selection to estimate typical PFDs for common types of equipment (e.g., valves).
The Devil is in the Data
The equipment reliability data in the SERH is determined by performing a Failure Mode Effect and Diag- nostic Analysis (FMEDA). An FMEDA is a structured, quantitative analysis that predicts failure rates, modes, and diagnostic coverage along with their corresponding effects on system operation. The FMEDA results provide SIS designers with the detailed reliability data required for SIL Verification compliant with IEC 61511. The SERH database is used as the source of reliability data for SIL Verification in exSILentia® SILver.
Going (ever)green with your Reliability Database
exida is the worldwide leader in the functional safety certification of equipment to IEC 61508 for use in SIS applications, having performed more assessments than any other entity. Additional data is added to the SERH database as new equipment is analyzed / certified. This means that the database is constantly being expanded with data from new or redesigned equipment (approximately 100 new items / year), which allows you to leverage new technology as it becomes available. To keep your database up-to- date, exida offers an annual maintenance agreement which allows you to update your copy of the SERH database on-demand.
Special offer (until Dec 31st, 2010) - Webstore Only