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HAZOP Facilitation

HAZOP stands for Hazard and Operability study. HAZOP is a process hazards analysis procedure originally developed by ICI in the 1970s. The method is highly structured and divides the process into different operationally-based nodes and investigates the behavior of the different parts of each node based on an array of possible deviation conditions or guidewords.

The selection and design of appropriate safety instrumented systems hinges on an analysis of the risk due to the hazards at your plant. The full power of the HAZOP technique, now universally accepted as a vital tool for process risk analysis, can only be realized with skillful leaders and trained participants.

exida’s staff are seasoned and highly regarded HAZOP facilitators, guiding you through the preparation, execution, and follow-up to make HAZOP successful and efficient. exida will guide you through the most common HAZOP methodologies including the enhanced HAZOP/LOPA method, show the pitfalls to avoid, and demonstrate how a good HAZOP acts as a springboard for other safety lifecycle activities.

The exSILentia® PHAx™ software is used to efficiently conduct the HAZOP study, using smart deviations and a data core based library of causes, safeguards, recommendations, etc.

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