exida - REQx Tool


Start of the Design Engineering Process

Creation of a new product starts with conceptual requirements. As the innovation continues, requirements get refined even as the design itself coalesces. This is especially prevalent in iterative design methodologies.

The REQx tool provides a framework to document requirements at multiple levels from Market/Business/Regulatory requirements to derived requirements added during the design process. As part of an integrated tool set, REQx allow quick and semi-automatic updating of requirements during the FMEA and FMEDA.

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An integrated Requirements Manager saves requirement entry time and reduces the chance of requirement omission errors.

REQx supports requirements attributes such as Rationale, Creation Date, Version, Revision Date, Status, and Priority

Requirements Attributes provide the information needed to understand a requirement. A misunderstanding can cause many wasted engineering hours

While in the context of requirements definition, REQx allows Validation Test Objectives to be defined and linked to requirements, forwards and backwards, with one or more relationships.

Integrated Validation Test definition capability saves time as it can be done while in the context of the requirement and much quicker than switching tools.

REQx requirements can be traced to implementation sub-systems in multiple levels showing how the requirement has been implemented

Requirements tracing shows how a requirement has been implemented. This saves project management time. As design changes are made, all requirements implemented by a specific design block can be displayed to verify the change will not negate a requirement.