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The 7 Steps to ICS and SCADA System Security

The past two years have been a wakeup call for the industrial automation industry. It has been the target of sophisticated cyber attacks like Stuxnet, Night Dragon and Duqu. An unprecedented number of security vulnerabilities have been exposed in industrial control products and regulatory agencies are demanding compliance to complex and confusing regulations. Cyber security has quickly become a serious issue for professionals in the process and critical infrastructure industries.

If you are a process control engineer, an IT professional in a company with an automation division, or a business manager responsible for safety or security, you may be wondering how your organization can get moving on more robust cyber security practices. This white paper will give you the information you need to get started. It won’t make you a security expert, but it will put you on the right path in far less time than it would take if you were to begin on your own.

We began by condensing the material from numerous industry standards and best practice documents. Then we combined our experience in assessing the security of dozens of industrial control systems. The result is an easy-to-follow 7-step process:

Step 1 – Assess Existing Systems
Step 2 – Document Policies & Procedures
Step 3 – Train Personnel & Contractors
Step 4 – Segment the Control System Network Step 5 – Control Access to the System
Step 6 – Harden the Components of the System Step 7 – Monitor & Maintain System Security

The remainder of this white paper will walk through each of these steps, explaining the importance of each step and best practices for implementing it. We will also provide ample references for additional information

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